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3 Reasons Why you Need to Invest in an Applicant Tracking System

Written by Lucy Heskins | June 20, 2014 | 1 Comment

Building a Case for Recruitment Technology

Applicant Tracking SystemTechnology has radically changed the way in which we consume information. Today’s jobseekers are much more digital-savvy, and searching online is fast becoming the norm.
Increasingly, organisations are beginning to embrace new talent management systems in a bid to automate their recruitment process in order to nurture talent.
And, with more organisations looking to increase their technology budgets this year, it seems the tide is turning as organisations look at ways to bring their recruitment in-house by automating their processes. One example is the investment in applicant tracking systems (ATS).
There are a range of benefits an applicant tracking system can bring. Customisable reporting will provide senior managers with effective ROI analysis; candidate matches help to reduce the inputting of duplicate details, even the ability to send to your receptionist a list of interviewees you’re expecting for the day to save time printing – the list of benefits is endless.
These are Webrecruit’s top 3 reasons why and how an ATS can help make your team much more productive and achieve high level objectives:

1. Seamless internal communication

An ATS can help you to automate your vacancy approval management process. By centralising it, it will ensure all hiring managers are working from the same hymn sheet by following pre-agreed processes.
This collaborative way of working will ensure paper-based systems are a thing of the past, and its transparency will provide HR with an overview of where any bottle necks may appear.

2. Improve your candidate experience

There are still organisations who receive speculative applications, but have yet to implement a robust and effective ‘nurturing’ programme – one that keeps jobseekers engaged and primed, ready for when a new job arises.
An ATS helps to control and manage the communication process, sending out relevant communications such as offer letters and newsletters, and asking hiring managers for feedback. It ensures organisations treat candidates like it would a customer, and is a vital tool in helping to strengthen relationships thus positioning you as an employer of choice.

3. Build a constantly accessible talent pool of potential candidates

Wouldn’t it be great if you could advertise your vacancy to a ready-made pool of your own talent before contemplating sending it to an external agency? An ATS helps you to do exactly that.
An ATS, such as Webrecruit’s offering, Fusion, will enable you to create folders or “talent pools” with specially skilled candidates, role-specific candidates, previously interviewed talented candidates, graduates, work experience students, in fact, whatever differentiation you wish to make, you can do it.
These pools can then be searched as and when, and when you’re ready to hire you can contact them (or bulk communicate with them)… before even looking at an agency’s candidate. Saving you time and money.
Those teams who employ the mantra, ‘The Candidate is King’, and adapt their processes and technology accordingly will secure competitive edge and help their organisations to continue to attract and nurture the best talent.
Interested in learning more? Visit our Recruitment Technology page to learn how you can benefit from your own ATS.

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  1. Karter Bezon on Reply

    The applicant tracking system is really a very effective tool for managing the complicated and a long process of recruitment. As mentioned in the article, it becomes easy to reach to the potential candidate quickly. It also becomes helpful to measure the overall growth of the agency and the percentage of successful recruitment over a particular period of time.

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