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3 Reasons Why Your Team Aren’t Using Your ATS Properly

Written by Holly Watson | May 17, 2017 | 0 Comments
Applicant Tracking SystemYou’re all up and running on your new applicant tracking system (ATS) and you’re excited about the positive changes that it is going to make to your recruitment process.
Fast-forward a few weeks later: you notice that some members of your team aren’t actually using your ATS. Maybe they’re only utilising certain parts of its functionality; or perhaps they’re not using the system at all.
But why? What can you do about it? And how do you know if it’s a system issue or a people issue?
Webrecruit spends a lot of time talking to companies about applicant tracking systems and when there’s any resistance to the adoption of technology, it usually comes down to one of the following three reasons:


1. They don’t know how to use itApplicant Tracking System

One of the most common reasons why your team might neglect to use your ATS is that they lack confidence using a new piece of technology. Alternatively, it might be that the system you’ve chosen to use is complicated and they haven’t received an adequate level of training.
How to fix this:
Make sure that each member of your team has been fully trained on the system and additional training is provided to anyone who is struggling. If a team member requires extra training, aim to specifically tackle the areas of the system that they’re having the most difficulty with.
Ask your software supplier for support and any additional training materials that you can take away with you, such as user guides.
How to prevent this:
When choosing an ATS, ask the least ‘techy’ member of your team to accompany you on any demos (particularly if you’re quite good with technology yourself). That way, you’ll be able to gauge whether a system is actually easy-to-use or not.
Once your team are fully up-to-speed with how the system operates, they’ll be more likely to use it.


Applicant Tracking System2. They prefer the manual methods that they’re used to

Change can be daunting to a lot of people, particularly if it involves adapting to a brand new way of working after years of using manual methods.
Suddenly switching from using spreadsheets and emails to using a system to manage your recruitment process can take time to get used to.
How to fix this:
If there are any members of your team who are reluctant to veer from these manual ways of working, make sure that you explain the benefits that recruitment software can bring.
Make these benefits personal to them; if you know that there’s a particular element of the recruitment process they find challenging, explain how an ATS can help to relieve these struggles.
How to prevent this:
If you sense that there will be any resistance from your team, make sure that you give plenty of advanced warning that they will be using a new system going forward. Give them time to adjust to the idea of change, rather than just springing it on them one day and expecting them to instantly adapt.
Additionally, you should aim to get your team’s input during the requirements gathering stage for your ATS. This will then make them feel like you’re providing a solution to make their jobs a bit easier and should be more likely to embrace the new system.


3. They don’t agree with your choice of systemApplicant Tracking System

Choosing an ATS is a big task and there’s a good chance that you will have assessed a lot of options on the market before making your choice.
However, you might find that there’s a member of your team who’d have rather you chose another system and might be resistant to using your selected ATS.
How to fix this:
If there’s a member of your team who doesn’t agree with the ATS that you’ve chosen, sit down with them and make them aware of what you’re trying to achieve and how that particular ATS will help you to reach your goal.
Get to the bottom of what it is that’s concerning them about your choice of ATS; is it the usability? Is it the functionality? You can then go on to address any concerns.
How to prevent this:
Make choosing your ATS a team decision to ensure that everyone has input and everyone is on board with the choice.


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