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4 Handy ATS Features That Will Support Your Volume Recruitment Efforts

Written by Holly Watson | May 3, 2016 | 0 Comments
Applicant tracking systemWhen you’re hiring for a large number of vacancies, things can get very busy in your HR department, very quickly.
Whether you’re on a drive for customer service staff, looking for seasonal employees or hiring for vacancies across multiple sites, it can be tough to keep on top of a high volume of applications.
So, what can you do to make your high volume recruitment a little easier to handle?
An applicant tracking system (ATS) can significantly reduce the amount of administration associated with recruitment and help you to manage your incoming applications.
We’ve compiled a list of four great features of our own ATS, Fusion, that can help you to recruit a high volume of staff and reduce your stress along the way.


CVs pointing1. Candidate Manager – Keep on top of your applications

The Candidate Manager tool is a brilliant way of viewing and managing your incoming applications. You’ll be clearly shown the number of new applications, so you’re able to gauge the number of candidates that still need to be reviewed.
The source of each application is also shown next to each candidate’s name, so you can see, at a glance, which advertising sources are delivering you with the best quality applicants.
Additionally, as you assess each application, candidates will be divided into pots according to the stage of the application process they’re at (‘Rejected’, ‘Shortlisted’, ‘Interview’ etc.)


Applicant tracking system2. Interview Scheduler – Arrange your interviews and assessment days with ease

The Interview Scheduler tool provides an easy way of arranging interviews with your candidates. By filling out a simple form, an email invitation will be triggered to candidates you wish to see for an interview, saving you the job of having to manually email each applicant.
Additionally, there is also a feature that lets candidates select a time slot for themselves. All you need to do is simply select the days you are free for interview and candidates will be able to book themselves a time slot. This is particularly useful if you’re holding assessment days or if you need to interview a large quantity of candidates.



Applicant tracking system3. Automated Candidate Communications – Ensure that candidates are always kept informed

For many jobseekers, not receiving any updates or feedback can be a huge source of frustration and can negatively impact your employer brand. However, it can be difficult for busy HR professionals to have time to contact every single applicant.
An ATS will allow you to create email templates that you can send out to candidates with the click of a button. You can insert personalisation tabs so that emails aren’t generic and this saves you having to manually contact every single candidate.



ATS4. Social Sharing and Free Job Board Posting – Make sure your vacancy gains maximum exposure

If you’re looking to hire a large number of staff at once, you need to maximise the exposure of your job adverts to ensure that you can attract the candidates you need.
Promoting your vacancies across your company’s social media platforms is a great way of giving your roles an extra boost – after all, what better people to come and work for your company than those who are already followers/fans?
The Social Sharing feature will allow you to share your vacancies across your social media accounts with the click of the button. There’s also an option which allows you to post your roles on a variety of free job boards and aggregators to give them an extra boost.


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