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4 steps to trouble-free HR software implementation

Written by Guest Author | January 24, 2017 | 0 Comments
In-house recruitment softwareWhen you’ve got some new and exciting in-house recruitment software – such as our Fusion suite – that you would like to embed into your business, you might come up against a lot of hurdles. What are the steps that you can take to ensure your HR team quickly adjusts to and uses your latest HR technology?

1. Make sure you truly believe in it

You are the one who will be constantly asked by your team about whatever recruitment software you have chosen. It’s therefore vital to ensure you are genuinely comfortable with the technology you intend to have your HR team using – otherwise, it could be a hard slog to get them to be enthusiastic about its benefits.

2. Clearly communicate your plan

Do your HR staffers even know of this big looming change to how they source and hire talent? If not, you need to inform them of it upfront, convincing them of the benefits so that you can minimise any resistance. How will it make the lives of your personnel easier?
Communicate clearly at this early stage, and your team will be able to work through any early issues together, meaning that when the time comes for training, you really will all be focused on the training, rather than on any obstacles or opposition.

3. Deliver truly efficient and effective training

The process of training your HR employees in the use of your firm’s new in-house recruitment software should be manageable for both them and you.
You should therefore have a reasonable limit on the number of people involved with each training session, as well as the period of time for which each one lasts. During each training session, read your audience to ensure they are genuinely engaged, while encouraging them to ask questions and make suggestions to help maintain their interest.

4. Provide support after implementation

Your work isn’t done once training comes to an end, as you’ll need to ensure that your employees have genuinely understood that training and are now making the best use of what may be a very significant investment for your department.
There are various forms of post-implementation support that you can provide, ranging from Q&As and retraining sessions to additional useful resources such as reference sheets.
New technology can be a source of fear for those HR staffers of yours who are used to always doing things a certain way, so the above steps can be imperative if you are to get them supporting and engaged with such a massive change.
Make Webrecruit’s Fusion suite your next new hiring software, and you’ll have a scalable and cost-effective system on your hands with a great track record of getting results for a broad range of companies.

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