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4 ways that recruitment software can transform your HR function

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 11, 2015 | 1 Comment
Recruitment softwareRecruitment software is an excellent platform to manage your hiring activities. It streamlines many processes, from setting up job adverts, through to posting your roles onto your social platforms.
The list of features can seem daunting for those who have yet to embrace using a recruitment software platform. But with all the efficiencies it can deliver, it is worth getting to grips with them.
Are you yet to be convinced? Here, Webrecruit explains 4 ways that an applicant tracking system can transform your hiring.

1. Data Delivery

Recruitment software gives you the data you need to make your HR function more efficient.
Want to discover which sources are bringing in most of your applications? Keen to know if your hiring managers are slowing down your recruitment process?
Recruitment software boasts a vast array of reporting functionality that captures the data around your recruitment efforts and enables you to cut back costs and invest your budget with confidence.
You can easily access reports such as time-to-hire and application source. You will also find you can customise and build reports that deliver data personalised to your recruitment objectives.

2. Vacancy requisition management

You can manage your vacancy requisition process in a structured way, removing the need to chase people and deal with the process manually.
Over-complicated and paper-based job approval processes are a constant struggle for HR teams, especially when you need to hire in a hurry.
With recruitment software, hiring managers can set up the vacancy request and submit it for approval. This means you can automatically email the next person in the process, who’ll be able to login and accept or reject it.

3. Streamline your SLAs

Keeping control of your process against your SLAs can be a challenge, but recruitment software systems enable you to set up triggers against your processes that keep you on track.
Automatic reminders are a busy recruiter and HR professional’s best friend when it comes to streamlining processes, especially when they support your SLAs.
For example, recruitment software allows you to send candidates’ applications to individual hiring managers and set up notifications for both them to review and for you to ensure they have replied to you.

4. Auto Acknowledgement

In an ideal world, every candidate that shows an interest in your company would receive a personalised response in return. But, realistically this is a heavy ask, requiring a lot of manual input.
But nevertheless some form of acknowledgement is better than nothing at all. Within your recruitment software platform you can set up automatic email responses, enabling you to thank candidates for applying and keep them updated of the progress of their applications.
These 4 features mentioned are just the start, recruitment software has the capability to end numerous manual tasks, automatically alert on your behalf, update you with valuable information and so much more.
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  1. BenHR on Reply

    Great article – agree on losing the paper-based approach. Particularly liked the final two points on notification and auto acknowledgement; both interesting points and anything that streamlines an otherwise arduous process is no bad thing right ?

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