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5 questions to ask about an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Written by Guest Author | January 14, 2015 | 0 Comments
reporting-on-ipadRecruitment software seems to be all the rage these days, even fast becoming an essential rather than a ‘nice to have’. But even those organisations that already have what is also widely known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) frequently discover that it doesn’t cater for all of their needs.
Whether you’re investing in such software for the first time or are replacing an existing solution, you’ll need to ask yourself the following questions…

1. Does it do the basic things well?

At the minimum level, you’re investing in an ATS in the first place to be able to better organise your recruitment process. That means that at the very least, it should be easy to manage a vast range of information, so that you are never again dependent on awkward paper cover letters and CVs.

2. Does it go beyond your immediate needs?

An OK Applicant Tracking System will help you to manage information and documents so that you can quickly source whoever you need for your current vacancy. A great one, however, also allows you to build talent pools and generate detailed reports as part of the evaluation and streamlining of future recruitment.

3. Does it heighten your organisation’s profile?

Your company branding and values are key weapons for drawing the right candidates. Once candidates have discovered your vacancy, you’ll want them to quickly become acquainted with what your organisation stands for. Our own WR-Fusion software, for instance, helps here by giving you a branded corporate site and on-site job board.

4. Does it attract candidates using mobile devices?

A whopping 88 per cent of people now look for jobs via their mobile devices. If your careers site and online applications process aren’t optimised to draw in smartphone and tablet users and give them the best possible candidate experience, chances are that they will go elsewhere for their next big opportunity.

5. Does it incorporate easy upgrades?

The recruitment landscape is constantly changing, so no recruitment software stays relevant for too long. That’s unless, of course, your chosen ATS is one like WR-Fusion, which can accept various modules depending on your exact needs. Our solution allows you to add further users and social networks, as and when you need to.
Make the right choice of recruitment software, and it could be what makes the difference for your company’s hiring efforts in 2015. Contact us now to learn more about WR-Fusion.

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