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5 reasons you should use automated video interviews

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 12, 2012 | 3 Comments

Sonru Video InterviewingDid you know, according to Sonru, the average preliminary interview can take as long as 60 minutes? Yet, by leveraging technology such as automated online video interviews, it takes just 10 minutes.

The significant drain on time and resources companies face when scheduling and carrying out interviews means for many, it can be an expensive and time consuming task.

All too often, staff struggle to co-ordinate interviews due to busy work schedules – something that can be completely eradicated with today’s technology.

Using an automated video interview solution, such as Sonru, means an interview can take place anytime, in around 10-15 minutes, at any location with an internet connection.

With tough job-market conditions, businesses are constantly competing for talent. Yet poor interview processes could put your company at a disadvantage.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using automated online video interviews.

1. Convenience

Earlier this year HR Magazine announced that 50% of candidates prefer interviews to take place outside of working hours. Automated online video interviews can be taken at a time that suits the candidate, and be reviewed at a time that suits you.

2. Saved time and resources

One in four recruiters state in a typical interview they sometimes make a decision about whether to hire the candidate within the first five minutes. Consider the time and resources wasted. Taking just ten minutes to play back an automated video interview is a huge time saver – and that’s if you haven’t already made your mind up in the first five minutes.

3. Improved candidate experience

Too often you hear that the candidate experience needs to be improved. Yet the speed and simplicity of video interviewing could impact their willingness to accept the offer and what they tell others about your company.

You’ve shown respect for both the candidates’ time and the needs of their current job which is a great way to build a good image of your company brand.

4. Reduced time-to-hire

One of the main delays that impact an organisation’s hiring process can be associated with the time it takes to schedule and conduct interviews. Automated online video can significantly shorten the time it takes to fill that position.

5. Better screening

When you use automated online video interviews, you use the same set of questions for each interviewee. This not only ensures consistency, but also makes it a lot easier when it comes to comparing candidates answers.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should opt to use automated online video interviews as part of your hiring process. And with 1,000s of candidates already being interviewed via video – it’s time we learn from those experiences and embrace the technology.

If you’d like to find out more about how automated video interviews can help reduce your time-to-hire and provide you with quality applicants, check out ‘Automated video selection: The cost is priceless’.

3 thoughts on “5 reasons you should use automated video interviews

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  2. valentinoBenito on Reply

    The plus and minus of fast and “efficient” interview processes is that, yes they are fast, efficient and less expensive, but they can also open the door to discriminatory practices.

    The job interview and be a highly effective process if done right. And that’s the challenge. Done wrong will invite questions like: If you do this type of interview for one – are you doing it for everyone relative to the job(s) in question? It suggests that those interview events are recorded and therefore saved for future reference. Does It occur to you that such recordings can be exhibit “A, B and C” in a deposition against a company by an unhappy candidate who claims unfair treatment? So you get efficiency, speed and cost savings – but if your safeguards are not in place – you the recruiter, and the employer, can lose lawsuits that will take your cost savings and earn you bad press.

    Naturally, if this process is well controlled, your crew is well trained and monitored for quality results you have nothing to worry about…or do you? Re: Murphy’s Law.

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