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5 Reasons Why SMEs Should Be Using Recruitment Software

Written by Holly Watson | June 29, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment softwareWhen discussing recruitment software, one of the most common objections we hear from HR departments is that their business isn’t large enough to justify the investment.
It’s understandable; when you think of an applicant tracking system (ATS), the image of a daunting, costly, enterprise level system might spring to mind. However, it’s worth remembering that not all ATSs are that technical or expensive.
An ATS is a great tool to be used by smaller businesses that have lean HR teams who might find themselves bogged down in administration or, alternatively, might be wasting their money using costly recruitment agencies.

Specifically, applicant tracking systems can help SMEs by…


Small HR team1. …reducing the recruitment workload for smaller HR functions

Many larger businesses will have a dedicated in-house recruitment function, however SMEs are unlikely to have the resources and time to manage their recruitment as effectively as these large companies.
As such, using a tool to automate various aspects of the recruitment process is a great way of cutting down on administration and allows HR staff more time to focus on other aspects of their job.
An ATS can help you to manage your recruitment process more efficiently. With all candidate information stored in one portal, it means that you can locate information and assess applications with ease, rather than relying on emails and spreadsheets.


Cut costs2. …cutting the costs of advertising

If you have a limited budget to spend on your recruitment advertising, it’s important that you’re ploughing your money into the sources that work best for you.
Applicant tracking systems contain reporting functionality which is useful for monitoring your key recruitment metrics.
Reports can tell you the source of each application (i.e. which job board they used to apply for your role), so you can identify any underperforming advertising sources and make informed decisions about your future recruitment advertising strategy.


3. …reducing their reliance on recruitment agenciesReduce agency reliance

Due to busy schedules and lack of time, many smaller businesses outsource their recruitment to agencies. This can get expensive.
As an applicant tracking system can help HR professionals to save a large amount of time when recruiting, it’s a great tool to help businesses take control of their recruitment activities, and save money.




Candidate experience4. …improving the candidate experience

When you’re a small business, competing with other larger companies to attract top talent can be difficult. Therefore, providing a positive candidate experience is vital.
Recruitment software can really help you to improve the candidate experience; an online application form provides a much more fluid and streamlined process.
Additionally, an ATS enables you to send automated candidate communications, ensuring that all applicants are kept fully updated throughout the recruitment process.



Adaptable recruitment software5. …adapting to your business’ changing demands and requirements

A scalable recruitment software solution, such as Webrecruit’s Fusion, is great for growing SMEs; it can develop and evolve alongside your business and HR department’s changing requirements.
With new features being added all the time, Fusion also provides access for an unlimited number of HR users and hiring managers, so it grows as your business grows.


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