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5 things to prioritise when selecting online recruitment software

Written by Holly Watson | October 3, 2017 | 0 Comments
Online recruitment softwareIs your online recruitment software your ‘best friend’ in the hiring process that it needs to be? Or do you still find yourself having to manage a lot of the work that you had expected your software to do?
If you don’t want a disconnect between a seemingly impressive software package and a still stubbornly ineffective recruitment process, you need to factor in some of the following priorities when selecting a solution.

1. Speed and ease of use

Your company’s decision-makers will probably want to see vacancies filled quickly.
But does your online recruitment software lend itself to this with an easy-to-use design, as well as a variety of ways to search for both active and passive candidates?

2. A means of compiling and presenting data

There’s a lot of information that you are likely to gather about candidates throughout the search process, related to pretty much everything ranging from their past roles to their social media profiles.
But does your chosen applicant tracking system (ATS) offer functionalities that enable you to collect and present said data for easy scrutiny and comparison?

3. Software that works with your hiring model

The requirements that a company has from recruitment technology when it only hires two or three times a year are hardly likely to be the same as those of a firm involved in extensive high-volume hiring.
This isn’t to suggest that companies at both ends of this spectrum can’t use the same tool. But it’s crucial to ask whether your chosen software has the technology and functions that will continue to be relevant to your hiring team even as your business grows.

4. Analytics capability

This is the aspect of your online recruitment software that will be instrumental in enabling you to run more effective hiring campaigns and spend your recruitment budget more wisely.
Is your chosen solution able to build customisable reports drilling down to the KPIs that really matter to your organisation’s hiring staff?

5. The option to build talent pools

Great candidates can easily crop up who just aren’t the right fit for the positions open at your firm right now. But in three months’ or six months’ time, you might just have a golden opportunity for them.
Don’t choose an ATS that’ll force you to continue managing your company’s talent pools via a cumbersome Excel document, from which invaluable information can be so easily lost.
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