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5 tips for hiring people who actually share your values

Written by Guest Author | March 7, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertisingIn-between investing in an applicant tracking system (ATS) and looking for candidates who have the right skills for your latest urgent vacancy, you might not be much of a believer in ‘company culture’.
After all, don’t you just need the people who do the job best? Who cares whether they’d be best buddies or have a drink together after 5:30pm on a weekday? Why do recruitment experts even talk about it that much?
Unfortunately, company culture – underpinned by the values that your employees share – is important. It helps to distinguish your company and its offering from the rest, while also powering your workers towards a single goal.
So, here are five ways to ensure your new recruits actually do have the same values you do.

1. Know what your values are

What is important – and we mean really important to your company? We aren’t necessarily talking here about sitting down and trying to ‘create’ a company culture from scratch – we’re referring instead to the beliefs that you already hold that you will want to see emulated in every new hire.

2. Aim for complementary talent, rather than clones

It makes a certain amount of sense to hire people ‘just like you’, but it’s an approach that you can easily take too far. Yes, the new hire needs to share your values, but if they don’t also bring something different to your firm that it needs, you’ll struggle to see the benefit of those values.

3. Look for competence rather than experience

Have you decided that you need people who have a can-do attitude and believe in providing the very best, most responsive customer service? If so, seek candidates who show a commitment to these things at interview, rather than those who have more dazzling achievements on their CV but simply don’t share your values.

4. Make sure they suit this specific role

Yes, it’s great to recruit someone who loves your specific culture, but what about when the time comes to focus on the day-to-day grind? This is the danger that comes with hiring on the basis of characteristics over CVs – you will need to make sure they will love the job and be able to grow with it, even if they don’t have absolutely every useful and relevant skill right now.

5. When you see the right person, hire them

It sounds like obvious advice, but so many employers seeking the right ‘fit’ end up dithering over a candidate’s lack of experience in a certain area, or that troubling gap in their past employment. If the candidate shares your values, has most of the right skills and shows plenty of enthusiasm for the role, sometimes, you just need to hire and get on with it.
Hire great people who embody your own values, and you will soon start to see what a big difference a unified, powerful and well-judged company culture really makes.

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