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5 types of job applicant you may unjustly ignore

Written by Guest Author | July 25, 2017 | 0 Comments
Job applicantsHiring for almost any position is difficult and time-consuming. The temptation to take shortcuts with the process can therefore be overwhelming, but this can also make it easy to dismiss a job applicant on the basis of just one or two factors. That, in turn, means you could be overlooking some genuinely great candidates.
Here are five types of applicant about whom you may ask: “are they necessarily so bad?”

1. The one with the wild social media profile

Yes, those boozy nightclub pictures or that slightly over-the-line sexual talk on their Facebook or Twitter page might not immediately strike you as very professional.
However, it could be argued that recruiters often overdo the social media stalking these days. The bottom line is that someone being a certain way in their personal life doesn’t mean they are necessarily that way in their professional life – indeed, they may otherwise be your dream candidate.

2. The one who’s not good at interviews

Remember that it isn’t a person’s flair in the interview room that you’ll need from them on a day-to-day basis in the office. So does it really matter so much that they might have been nervous or fluffed one or two peripheral interview questions?

3. The one who studied online

Seeing that an applicant graduated from an online-based, non-brick-and-mortar institution might cause you to wonder whether they’re as good as they say. Is that first-class degree worth as much as the ones awarded to graduates at the red-brick or plate-glass university in your nearest major city?
That might be an understandable worry if the institution is an obscure one or the course the applicant studied seems to lack relevance to your position. But whatever you do, don’t reject the candidate simply on the basis that they studied an online degree.

4. The one who’s constantly changing jobs

Given that recent CIPD research found UK workers’ job satisfaction to have hit a two-year low, is it such a shock that more people are switching jobs a lot these days? It’s been a long time since the days of ‘jobs for life’ for most of us.
Job-hoppers shouldn’t necessarily be treated as undesirable – not when they have also long been associated with such positive and unique traits as ambition, adaptability and a willingness to take risks, as may serve your business well if you add such a candidate to your staff.

5. The one with the employment gap

The longer someone has been out of employment, the harder it will be for them to break back into the workplace. But are employers sometimes harsh in judging candidates for a few months or even years out of work?
After all, everyone has a reason for not having been in employment for a certain time period, and it may be a very valid one in the case of a candidate who could just be a brilliant asset to your team.
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