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5 Ways an ATS Can Help You Hire More Efficiently

Written by Holly Watson | June 22, 2016 | 1 Comment
ATSAre you under pressure to recruit staff, faster?
If recruitment isn’t one of your main tasks but still manages to suck up a large amount of your time, you’re not alone. Many HR professionals struggle with the excess administration that often comes with recruiting and, when tasked with reducing your time to hire, it can leave you feeling stressed.
Luckily, there are ways to reduce your workload and streamline your recruitment efforts. One of these is to use an applicant tracking system (ATS).
An ATS is an effective way of monitoring your incoming applicants. It also has built-in reporting functionality and many handy tools which will automate various aspects of your recruitment process.
Here are five top ways that an ATS can make your hiring process more efficient:


1. It allows you to track your time to hire with easeTime to hire

When a position remains unfilled in your business, it can cause a whole range of problems. There’s the increased pressure on existing staff, the extended time your HR team has to spend on sourcing and screening applicants, the cost of having to re-advertise the role…the list is endless.
As such, it’s unsurprising that reducing time to hire is a key priority for many HR leaders.
Many applicant tracking systems, such as Webrecruit’s Fusion, will allow you to monitor your time to hire so you can regularly report on your progress.



Manage candidates2. It allows you to communicate with candidates more effectively

When you’re already busy enough, it can be difficult to find the time to contact those unsuccessful candidates. This often leads to applicants phoning to chase up their application or simply feeling ignored.
An ATS allows you to send candidate communications with the click of a button. Simply design your own templates with your preferred choice of wording and insert personalisation (you can also match the colours and design of the email to your brand).
You can send an email to hundreds of candidates at once – particularly handy if you’re recruiting for a role which has a high volume of applications. This ensures that all candidates are kept updated without you sacrificing hours out of your day to type out emails.
If you’re interested in interviewing a candidate but you know you won’t get around to contacting them for a couple of days, you can send a templated email in the interim informing them that you are interested and will be in touch. This keeps them warm and means that they’ll be less likely to accept another offer in the meantime.


Identify advertising sources3. It enables you to identify the advertising sources which are working best for you

One of the biggest advantages of using recruitment software is the reporting functionality that comes with it.
HR professionals are now able to see, at a glance, their vital metrics. One example of this is tracking which advertising sources are really delivering results; your ATS will tell you the source of each candidate.
For example, you might notice that a large proportion of your interviewed candidates are applying via Indeed or LinkedIn. This would suggest that these advertising sources are working well for you and you should continue to use them.
On the other hand, you might notice that some sources aren’t providing you with any high quality applications. This will help you to refine and streamline your list of advertising suppliers and reduce your costs.


Organise candidates4. It helps you to organise your candidates

When using an ATS, candidates’ details will be automatically fed through the system. This means that all information is stored in one simple portal.
As you assess each application, candidates are divided into pots according to how they’ve been assessed. You’ll be able to check how many candidates you have left to review for a particular role, and view all unsuccessful, shortlisted and interviewed candidates.
Webrecruit’s Fusion software also provides access for an unlimited number of HR users and hiring managers, so you don’t have to download each CV to forward it on; the hiring manager can log in and view the details themselves.


Organise interview5. It helps you to keep track of your interviews and outcomes

Many applicant tracking systems contain an interview scheduler tool which allows you to send out automated interview invites and view details of any upcoming interviews.
You can also view any interviews that are still awaiting an outcome; this allows you to keep track of your previous interviews and manage candidates’ expectations.


Want to learn more about how an applicant tracking system can benefit you? Find out more.

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