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5 Ways Recruitment Software Can Make All the Difference

Written by Guest Author | September 29, 2014 | 0 Comments
recruitment-software-checklistAll manner of technological changes may have swept through the hiring process in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that every company automatically adopts them. There’s certainly no shortage of HR managers out there still sifting through paper application forms, or only ever interviewing candidates at their own premises.
Are you one of those who are still to be convinced of the benefits of recruitment software? Allow us to enlighten you on five advantages, based on our own renowned WR-Fusion software. [Or, if you’re looking to build a business case to introduce it into your company, download our free guide – How to Build a Business Case for Recruitment Software].

1. You’ll be better known

The most complete recruitment software like WR-Fusion often provides you with your own branded corporate careers site and on-site job board, as well as an easy to use and efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It’s a great way to better communicate your company imagery and values.

2. You’ll be better organised

You’re living in the stone age of recruiting if you still have a desk cluttered with paper cover letters and CVs. Even online applications can create a lot of confusing mess. With a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like our own here at Webrecruit, you’ll be able to manage vast amounts of applicant information with just a few clicks.

3. You’ll be able to plan for the future

The ability that our ATS gives you to generate detailed reports and build talent pools will also make you so much better prepared when a vacancy next crops up at your firm. No more urgent scrambles to hire whoever happens to be looking for a job at the time – with an established talent pool at your disposal, you could be quickly on the phone to your perfect candidate.

4. You’ll be accessible to mobile users

To find the best candidate, you can no longer avoid the 88% of people who use their mobile devices to search for jobs. The least that you’ll need to do is make your careers website accessible for those users. Our mobile-optimised version of WR-Fusion makes exactly that possible, so that vacancies can be searched for, saved and applied for by candidates ‘on the go’.

5. You’ll be fully connected with social media

Don’t depend on your colleagues remembering to post your latest vacancy to your company Facebook page. Instead, make sure that your main careers site and social media presence are firmly integrated by investing in the right recruitment software. WR-Fusion allows you to add whatever social networking platforms you need to add.
Convinced yet that recruitment software really will make hiring so much easier and less costly for your firm? Contact Webrecruit now about the highly rated WR-Fusion platform.

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