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5 ways to extract your Millennials’ maximum potential

Written by Guest Author | December 12, 2017 | 0 Comments
Extract Millennial potentialNo matter how sophisticated your chosen recruitment technology may be and whatever recruitment agency you may be working alongside, you can’t change human nature.
This has understandably led to many employers stereotyping certain age groups as all being a certain way – and it seems that Millennials have been among the greatest victims of this phenomenon.
As we detailed in another recent blog post here at Webrecruit, Millennials are definitely not ‘all the same’. But equally, they do often share certain characteristics that will give you some important insight into how to get the best out of them.

1. Communicate directly with them

Millennials generally like to know “what’s next”, for both themselves and their company. If their performance isn’t at the level that you feel it should be, it’s important to be direct in your communication with them, so that they can take steps to improve it.

2. Don’t only provide help when they ask for it

Some Millennials can be so accustomed to simply Googling everything that they’re unsure about, or asking their friends on social media for their thoughts on a particular problem, that they might not always realise when they need help from you, their boss.
Millennials can often come up with non-traditional solutions that might not suit your company’s present needs, so you may sometimes need to guide them towards more relevant solutions.

3. Don’t act as if you know everything

Do you underestimate your Millennial workers simply because they’re junior to you, or are you a genuine authority that your Millennial employees trust and to whom they can turn for advice?
Millennials often quickly work out which of these categories you belong to – it’s unlikely that they will respect you purely because of your age or experience. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge what your Millennial workers say, rather than talking down to them.

4. Show your Millennials that you’re listening to them

Many Millennials can effectively ‘switch off’ or shut down if they don’t feel that anyone is listening to them. They want to see prompt improvements in response to the concerns that they cite.
However, when they are still relative newcomers to your company, they may not know of the improvements that have already been made within the organisation. It’s therefore important to tell them of this, but also to encourage them to contribute to future discussions.

5. Thank and praise your Millennials for a job well done

It’s vital to cultivate the leadership potential that many Millennials have, which is why it is also crucial to acknowledge your Millennial staffers’ legitimate improvements and sustained dedication over time, however slight such progress may be.
It’s not swelled heads that you often have to worry about as far as Millennials are concerned, but instead whether they’ll assume that you simply don’t care about them.
Pay attention to your Millennials as individuals rather than uncritically buying into monolithic stereotypes, and you will be well-placed to realise their full potential as they gradually become the dominant players in your company’s workforce.
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