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5 ways to show appreciation for your virtual employees

Written by Guest Author | October 12, 2015 | 2 Comments
Remote workers, Recruitment softwareHave you looked around your company’s offices lately, and considered how many of your workforce are actually sharing a physical space with you?
It’s probably a much smaller number than would’ve been the case just a decade or two ago, thanks to the increasing tendency of those using recruitment software to hire people from further and further afield – not just at the other side of their city, but at the opposite end of the country or across the world.
Remote workers have brought so many advantages to the modern workforce. But let’s face it – it isn’t always easy to keep them feeling appreciated, so here are five ways to do just that.

1. Arrange some face-to-face time

Sure, for day-to-day work communication, emails and even texts are fine – but virtual workers have just as strong a need as other workers to connect more meaningfully with their colleagues.
Don’t worry, you don’t need constant hotel room bookings – dropping in on your remote workers regularly on Skype and FaceTime can be just as effective.

2. Include your virtual employees in team meetings

While we’re on the subject of Skype, you might also find it – or an alternative virtual meeting platform – useful for conducting meetings with all of your both remote and site-based workers.

3. Regularly reach out to your virtual workers

Even if it’s just once a week, you should make sure that you periodically reach out to your remote employees, checking that they’re OK and thanking them for the work that they do.
After all, virtual workers need to be made to feel that they are key members of the team, rather than distant add-ons to the site-based staff.

4. Make them part of the collaborative process

The solitary nature of your remote workers shouldn’t prevent them playing a leading role in the collaborations that are so vital to your business’s operations.
Make use of such online collaboration resources as Dropbox to ensure that your remote employees are just as involved in all of that important brainstorming as your office-based personnel.

5. Present your virtual staff with growth opportunities

Don’t exclude your remote personnel from those regular team training sessions, and encourage them to get involved in virtual conferences or webinars.
Keeping virtual employees engaged needs to be a very deliberate process if you are to prevent many of them losing focus and considering pastures new – so keep it in mind when you next use recruitment software to hire remote staff.

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