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6 tips for hiring the right start-up employees

Written by Guest Author | February 25, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_197936177While many of the general rules of thumb for good hiring – such as using the right recruitment software from an agency like Webrecruit – certainly apply just as strongly to start-up recruiting, in other respects, there are big differences.
Hiring for a start-up means looking for those people who have the motivation, skills, flexibility and attitude required for the inevitable ups and downs of life in a young company. It also means finding those who are prepared to do without job security, predictable hours and high salaries in favour of longer-term prospects.
A tricky balance to strike? Maybe, but these tips should help.

1. Write an extremely focused job description

A lot of very specific traits are needed in a good start-up employee, so be sure to cover all of these in your job description to root out those merely looking for any job.

2. Look for versatility in your staff

Jacks-of-all-trades are made for start-up companies, which require fast-learning, flexible and multifaceted people who can take on all manner of tasks. Those with fixed skill-sets may be somewhat less valuable.

3. Seek that entrepreneurial spirit

A lot of the people who apply for jobs with start-ups don’t necessarily have the motivation and background that you require. Entrepreneurs who already have a few start-up projects of their own behind them will be more suitable.

4. Choose independent workers

A start-up isn’t an environment that suits everyone. It’s certainly not the place for those who need to constantly ask what to do. After all, it’s unlikely that you’ll have much time to supervise your staff, so look for those independent-minded self-starters – people who can make decisions for themselves.

5. Interview recent graduates

Those who have recently emerged from university are often hungry for whatever relevant work experience they can get, in return for which, they are happy to take on more responsibilities and hours, for what may be lower salaries.

6. Find those with their own start-up ambitions

If the candidate has a failed start-up project behind them or wants to start a company for themselves for the first time, they may see a job with you as the perfect learning experience. Sure, it means that they might leave you at some point, but in the meantime, you will have benefitted from their drive and ambition.
Combine these tips with the use of our own acclaimed WR-Fusion recruitment software here at Webrecruit for the best possible results from your start-up hiring campaign.

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