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7 Straight Answers to 7 Significant Recruitment Software Questions

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 26, 2015 | 0 Comments
Question funnel smallWhen it comes to investing in recruitment software, the first step many HR and in-house recruitment professionals take is to start listing out key questions to ask suppliers.
This list is different for everyone, with queries being formed around what the platform can deliver your business based on your needs and, of course, your recruitment objectives.
But, before you know it, what started as a mini wish list can easily grow into a fully-fledged questionnaire. It is often at this point that any fears or concerns kick in, and understandably many people pop that list in a drawer and decide to look at it at another time.
Here at Webrecruit, we have partnered with many businesses, each with their own personal list of questions, and we have helped them by providing the straight and simple answers they require.
With many questions popping up repeatedly, we decided it might be helpful to share with you our straight answers to some of the important questions our recruitment technology team often face.

1. Can we restrict the hiring manager’s view of the system?

Yes – it is important to manage the level of access each user of your system has. You have this control; you can limit the view for each of your hiring managers dependent on what is relevant to them and their recruiting needs.

2. How long is the implementation process?

Now this question does have some factors that determine the answer as it will depend on the size of the platform you invest in. Other factors that can affect this include things such as, how many hiring managers you need setting up, and if you require various application forms.
But, with this aside, as a ball park figure a first stage recruitment software platform, such as our Fusion Plus system can be implemented within one week. Whilst a larger platform, such as our full applicant tracking system (ATS), Fusion Pro, can take around 3 months.

3. Can I swap my hiring managers’ seats, or do I have to set up one per user?

Yes, you can swap your seats. Often you will have a hiring manager in your company that only has a very rare need to recruit, therefore this user can simply be swapped in and out when required.

4. What do we do if we have an issue with the system?

Contact your supplier. When you invest in recruitment software you will be given contact details for your supplier’s technology team. These will be the people who set up your system for you and can therefore help with any queries you may have.

5. Is it a secure system?

Yes – your recruitment software system should use SSL certificates to ensure all transferred data is private and secure.

6. Can we export the data if we stop using the system?

Yes – the data belongs to you and your organisation and can most definitely be exported for you should you choose to stop using the platform.

7. Can we make changes throughout the implementation?

Yes – it is important that the platform is perfect for you and your requirements. Although it should be remembered that any changes during implementation will likely affect your launch date.
Have more questions you want answered? Request a recruitment software demo to see our Fusion platforms for yourself and ask our technology team any of your queries.

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