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A Masterclass in Recruitment Software

Written by Holly Watson | December 2, 2015 | 0 Comments
recruitment softwareAre you new to the world of recruitment software and unsure of what it can offer your business?
Following the success of our Masterclass in Employer Branding, Webrecruit has put together a lesson plan to educate you on some of the key features of recruitment software and the great benefits that it can deliver to your company.

Lesson One – Maths (Data and Metrics)

When faced with a large amount of data and numbers, it can be tricky to know what it all means. This is where recruitment software can become your new best friend.
You no longer need to be a genius to interpret this data – recruitment software can produce reports that are easy to analyse and understand, allowing you to make more informed HR decisions.
For example, reports generated by recruitment software, such as Webrecruit’s Fusion Plus, allow you to view your candidates by source and device, as well as your total application numbers for each vacancy. Having easy access to their information enables you to adjust your recruitment advertising strategy accordingly.

Lesson Two – English (Candidate Communications)recruitment software

Do you ever struggle with candidate communications? Whether your biggest bugbear is wording your individual emails or finding the time to contact each candidate who’s applied for your vacancies, recruitment software can help you.
Keeping your candidates informed on the progress of their applications is important – a lack of communication from you can deliver a negative candidate experience which could damage your reputation as an employer.
Recruitment software allows you to send bulk candidate communications, which you’re able to customise. This can relieve a lot of the stress associated with contacting candidates, particularly if you have a vacancy that’s received hundreds of applications.
You no longer have to type individual emails to unsuccessful candidates (unless, of course, they contact you separately requesting specific feedback) – you can contact them with the click of a button.

Lesson Three – Media Studies (Social Media)

With more and more candidates using social media to find their next role, a strong presence across social platforms is key.
However, it can be easy to forget to share your latest vacancies on your company social media accounts.
Recruitment software makes it easy to promote your roles on social platforms by automating this process, allowing you to share your latest vacancies across your social media accounts with the click of a button.
Sharing roles on social media is important. Just think, the people who see what you share are the people who have liked or followed your company’s page. This means that they’re already fans of your business – and what better people to come and work for you?
Featuring your vacancies on your social media accounts is also a great way of encouraging your existing employees to share your roles.

recruitment softwareLesson Four – Geography (The Candidate Journey)

Think about the journey that candidates are taken on when they apply for one of your vacancies. This is what the candidate experiences from the moment they land on your website, through to them clicking through the application process.
Recruitment software can help you to improve the candidate journey. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is what candidates are guided through when completing their application form on your careers site. A smooth application process is key and having an online application form on your site saves applicants from having to compile a separate email.
A great candidate experience is key – if an applicant has a poor and overly complicated journey through your application process, they’re likely to get frustrated and click off the page before they reach their end destination (a completed application form confirmation page).

Lesson Five – Art (Branding)

Many forms of recruitment software allow you to customise features to match your brand identity. Make sure that your company colours and logo are used during your application process to make for a smoother candidate experience and to increase your brand presence.
It’s also important to make sure that your company colours and logo are present on any comms you send out to ensure consistency.

Lesson Six – Languages (Your Job Adverts)

Recruitment software allows you to upload your own job advertisement so you can write it yourself or use an external party (Webrecruit has its own in-house team of Copywriters to craft web-optimised job adverts for our clients).
When creating your advert, make sure that the language of your company is consistent with your brand and this style of language is maintained throughout all other candidate communications.
Interested in learning more about recruitment software and how it can help your business? Request a brochure today.

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