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Automated Video Selection: The Cost is Priceless

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 24, 2012 | 3 Comments
Man-and-women-infront-of-computer-150x150Struggling to identify how one CV is better than the next? Are you inundated by a deluge of applications and unsure of where to start – let alone who to invite for interview?
A survey by webrecruit has revealed one of the biggest challenges hiring managers face when filtering CVs for interview is identifying quality candidates – particularly, when dealing with a high volume of responses.
For hiring managers, one of the most limited resources is time. And, because of the nature of online recruitment: companies are left battling for a faster, more efficient hiring process.
But by using automated video for interview selection, as opposed to a traditional ‘CV only’ technique, you can get your shortlist down, ensuring you don’t miss out on the excellent candidates.
In fact, automated video selection is proving to have many benefits, including reducing costs and speeding up the time to hire. Already adopted globally by big brands such as Apple, Volvo and Arvato Bertelsmann, automated video selection is perfectly suited to large organisations looking to innovate their talent acquisition processes.

So how does this benefit your organisation?

Say goodbye to scheduling and first round phone interviews. Instead, enter your questions, set the deadline and invite potential candidates to partake by email. Using a structured, automated video response, you can set the test, then view and share the responses at a time to suit you.
Like a traditional face-to-face interview, candidates don’t see the questions in advance. Once they’ve logged in to read and record their answers (without having to be online at the same time as the interviewer), they cannot stop, pause or restart the interview. This transparency makes it easier to compare candidates – ensuring a fair and equal chance for all. But this isn’t the only great thing about automated online video selection.

Save money whilst streamlining your hiring process:

Consider this: if you have a preliminary round of interviews, how much does this cost? For example, paying for the candidate’s travel, the use of additional overheads and your own time included – it all mounts up. Yet, the ease of online videos, setting questions and inviting candidates to apply means the cost saving is obvious and the time saving, priceless.

The ease of the interview and the ability to share and evaluate the responses provides complete flexibility for an HR department.

Automated online video solutions are the perfect answer to identifying quality whilst saving time during the recruitment process – enabling you to focus on getting the right person for your team, sooner.
To find out more information about how automated video selection can help reduce your time to hire, whilst providing you with quality applicants, call one of our advisors on 01392 829400 or request more information.

3 thoughts on “Automated Video Selection: The Cost is Priceless

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