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Could recruitment software one day replace your hiring team?

Written by Guest Author | June 6, 2016 | 0 Comments
Candidate communicationsIs there anything these days that technology hasn’t completely taken over? Go to the cinema and it seems that there are more robot-based movies than ever before. Look in your pocket or at your wrist, meanwhile, and the likelihood is that you will find yet fancier tech.
It all begs the question – if you are contemplating an investment in recruitment software – of whether your firm may eventually no longer need recruiters at all.

Software can streamline research into candidates

One thing that the right recruitment software definitely can do is cut down the number of hours you spend sifting through the CVs that land in your inbox. In future, technology will likely be responsible for much of the reading of job applications and the associated research.
With the Internet and the general decline in individual privacy having made all manner of talent easier to find and research than ever, technology could certainly help with such tasks as scanning CVs for keywords or prowling social networks for passive, but potentially suitable candidates.

But it can’t replace the personal touch

Until the day when technology develops sufficient personality and feelings to wipe us out as seems to happen in all of those movies, no recruitment software can replace the human-to-human relationship in the hiring process.
After all, you will need to assess your candidates’ personality and ability to fit in with your company culture, which is something that technology simply cannot do. Candidates, in turn, want to interact with and be hired by other humans, rather than a computer.

The recruiter may change, but they won’t go away

As scary as it may be to see recruitment software take on responsibilities that may have once been yours, even the most sophisticated technology has a limit.
It may be that the recruiter of the future becomes more of a salesperson, selling the employer brand and vacancies to active and passive candidates alike. After all, this is another skill that a human being, rather than a machine, is best-qualified to do.
Whatever recruitment software your company invests in, then – whether right now or in years to come – will likely play the role of accelerating the hiring process by taking on research tasks, sifting through CVs and utilising other helpful technology like video.
What it almost certainly won’t do, is make your ultimate hiring decisions for you – we hope! By deploying recruiters and technology together, you can maximise your organisation’s chances of finding, engaging and hiring the very best potential employees.

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