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Don’t underestimate LinkedIn for mobile recruitment

Written by Guest Author | December 18, 2014 | 0 Comments
LinkedIn job searchingEarlier this year, something remarkable happened: LinkedIn’s UK user base surpassed 50 per cent of the country’s working age population.
Yes, that’s right, a recent growth spurt took the membership numbers of the venerable professionally-oriented social network to the 16.2 million mark in the UK – more than half of the 32 million British residents of working age.
With such industries as construction, information technology, marketing and advertising, financial services and retail all being strongly represented on the site, employers in any of these sectors – and so many more – just can’t ignore LinkedIn.

Coupled to the rise of mobile hiring…

So, it’s one thing to know that many talented candidates are using LinkedIn, but how are they accessing the site? Chances are that it’s increasingly via mobile.
After all, by the end of last year, there were finally more mobile devices in the world than people, while 47 per cent of all LinkedIn visits are apparently via mobile. You can probably see where this is going.
Basically, with LinkedIn being such a recruitment-focused portal, it’s clear that more of your mobile hiring activities need to be centred on the platform.

Extract the maximum potential from LinkedIn mobile

There are many ways of really tapping into the huge groundswell of candidates accessing LinkedIn via their mobile devices. These include keeping your company LinkedIn profile full and up-to-date. That could mean sharing useful information about your firm’s products and services, drawing attention to career opportunities and providing links to your company careers site, blog and other social media pages.
Mobile users like immediacy and convenience, which is one reason why you may enable candidates owning smartphones and tablets to apply for roles direct from your LinkedIn profile.
Remember that LinkedIn is also great for finding passive candidates and screening and verifying talent, all of which applies equally on desktop and mobile.

Don’t forget the right recruitment software

To really get the most out of LinkedIn mobile recruitment, however, it pays to invest in suitable recruitment software – like the WR-Fusion platform of Webrecruit.
This platform, after all, includes various modules for whatever social networks you may use for recruitment, such as LinkedIn. But it also comes in a fully mobile-optimised version, to take advantage of the 88 per cent of people who now use their mobile devices to seek vacancies.

By combining LinkedIn with our acclaimed recruitment software, you could certainly look forward to getting maximum value out of both.

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