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Has your company fully embraced digital recruitment?

Written by Guest Author | April 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_212193757What a silly question, you might think to yourself. Of course your organisation has completely immersed itself in the digital world that is modern recruitment. You’ve got a strong company careers site, a steady social media presence and hardly depend on paper CVs for applications anymore.
So, why ask the question? Well, here at Webrecruit, we reckon that you’re missing some priceless opportunities in digital hiring, at least somewhere.
It’s why we have invested so heavily in recruitment software of our own that helps you to get the most out of your recruitment spend by attracting more candidates, managing applications more efficiently and picking out the right person for your vacancy all the sooner.

Hiring has come a long way

It’s easy to forget how far recruitment has come from the time when an organisation like yours would pin up a notice in the job centre or local newspaper, with contact details for the hiring manager, and then wait for applications to roll in.
The Internet really did change everything. All of a sudden, dedicated online jobs boards popped up that made the whole process quicker and easier for both company and candidate.
But with so many more people also being reached, it wasn’t long until more sector-specific jobs boards sprung up, assisting recruiters to better-target their positions to the most relevant and suitably-skilled candidates.

Enter social media

With the ever-rising sophistication of digital technology in recent years – and the hiring manager’s understanding of it – has come social media marketing. This has taken online recruitment further still, by really bringing job opportunities to the people.
The number of ways in which companies can effectively advertise online really has proliferated in recent years. What form might your next great digital recruitment drive take? A Twitter hashtag campaign? LinkedIn-focused brand building? A call for video applications?
What about blog advertorials that help to spread the word about your firm’s opportunities in a way that doesn’t represent an overt job advert? Or perhaps e-shots that are more direct and hard-hitting? Online banner advertising, perhaps?

Enquire now about recruitment software

We’re sure, here at Webrecruit, that your organisation isn’t taking absolutely every available chance to better promote its vacancies online – to say nothing of the subsequent processing of candidate information, the generation of reports and other HR functions.
Talk to us now about how our Fusion software can really help you to seize upon the many possibilities of digital recruitment – meaning that you end up with better people in your employ.

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