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Have you picked out the most suitable online recruitment software?

Written by Guest Author | September 5, 2017 | 0 Comments
Online recruitment softwareMore and more these days, the success of a given company’s hiring campaign hinges on the online recruitment software it is using. But with so many platforms out there that are continually claiming to be the best on the market, how can you be sure of the one that aligns best with your own needs?

First, you need to determine what those needs are

Picking new hiring software for your company isn’t just a case of going for whatever has the longest specification sheet or the lowest price. That’s because you need to first look inward, considering exactly why you are on the lookout for new software – including what is dissatisfactory about your present arrangement.
Even if you’re investing in such software for the first time, you will still need to consider whether, for example, it’s especially important for your software to assist you in shortening the recruitment process, or whether there are certain specific features – such as social media modules – that you simply must have.

Is it up-to-date with recent technological developments?

There are a lot of technologies that are continually coming on-stream for online recruitment software, including the likes of ‘chatbots’ and video interviewing, and you’ll need to consider their potential relevance for your hiring going forward.
One of the big dangers when choosing such software is going for something that’s just ‘good enough’ right now, perhaps due to being low-priced or easy to use. A solution that’s only ‘good enough’ right now won’t be good enough in one or two years’ time, and will do little to keep your recruitment practices optimised for success against the competition.

Choose a solution that’ll keep you organised

With online recruitment software also sometimes given the name ‘applicant tracking system’, it’s easy to presume that such a package will aid your self-organisation – although that is, of course, far from guaranteed.
When you look at the dashboard or home screen of the software you’re considering, are all of the obvious things that your team will need nicely laid out, or is the user forced to dig around in search of even the most basic functions? What about the reports it produces – are they informative, with metrics and documentation that offer genuine insight?
There are naturally many factors other than these that you will need to consider when you are looking to replace your present recruitment software. Can it be easily customised, for instance, and what is the candidate experience? Cost is another element to which you will need to give some thought.
Alternatively, why not just take a look at our own renowned online recruitment software here at Webrecruit? It’s called Fusion, and it might just have everything that your company requires.

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