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How Can an ATS Improve the Candidate Experience?

Written by Holly Watson | April 14, 2016 | 1 Comment
Applicant tracking systemIf you’ve read any of our previous blogs relating to applicant tracking systems (ATS) or you’ve already done some research on the recruitment software market, you’ll probably have an idea of the benefits that software can deliver to your HR function.
However, what you may not have considered are the advantages it can bring to your candidates.
An ATS isn’t just a great tool for your HR team; it can also do wonders for the candidate experience. And improving the candidate experience can have a positive impact on your reputation as an employer, thus boosting your overall candidate attraction efforts.
So, how exactly can an ATS improve the candidate experience?


1. Applicant tracking systemIt can provide a much smoother application process

When candidates apply for a role via an ATS, the whole process is completed within the system. As soon as applicants click on the ‘apply’ link, they’ll be prompted to fill out a short online application form and they will be able to upload their CV within the same portal.
This is a much smoother process for candidates than having to manually email their CV and covering letter to a member of your team or download an application form to their desktop.
Additionally, the vast majority of these online application forms are mobile optimised which is handy for jobseekers looking for their next role on the move.


Employer brand2. It will familiarise candidates with your brand and employer brand

The front end of an ATS is often referred to as a ‘careers page’ or ‘careers site’ (learn the difference between the two here). It’s essentially a section of your website where you can advertise your vacancies, talk about what it’s like to work for your business, provide details of your benefits and promote your company culture.
By including this information, you’re giving candidates an insight into what you’re like as an employer, as well as communicating your company’s values and vision. This makes for a more rounded picture of your business
Many applicant tracking systems will also allow you to brand the application process with your company’s logo and corporate colours. This ensures that the online form simply looks like an extension of your website and provides a seamless application process, from start to finish.


Candidate communications3. It will help you to deliver consistent, timely candidate communications

Sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of your candidate communications, particularly if your vacancies attract a large response. You might not have the time to contact unsuccessful candidates, leaving them with the uncertainty of whether their application has been progressed or you might get bombarded with calls requesting application updates.
Equally, if you are interested in progressing candidates and you leave it too long, there’s a strong chance they will find employment elsewhere. As such, communicating with your candidates is vital.
Recruitment software will allow you to generate and store automated emails that can be sent to candidates, informing them if they’ve been unsuccessful for a role or if their application is going to be progressed.
You can also style these emails in your company colours to reinforce your brand and provide a fluid, flawless candidate experience.


Social reach4. It will ensure that more candidates are made aware of your vacancies

One common, but handy, feature of applicant tracking systems is the option to share vacancies across your company’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with the click of a button
This will ensure that your vacancies reach the maximum number of potential candidates and none of your followers miss out on any of your new roles. After all, don’t forget about the passive candidates who might not be actively searching on the job boards but would be open to a new opportunity with your business.


Interested in learning more about applicant tracking systems? Find out more.

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