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How can recruitment software impact your candidates’ journey?

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 3, 2015 | 0 Comments
People-entering-computer-[Converted]If you have already considered recruitment software chances are you’re clued up on how it can improve your internal recruitment. But, are you also aware of the value it can add to your candidate’s experience of your hiring process?
Applicant tracking systems are excellent tools for managing processes. They feature an impressive range of functionality, a lot of which can dramatically improve the process of applying from a candidate’s perspective.
Reporting on the success of campaigns, managing your internal workflows and hiring managers’ access levels are all important. But, it is important to put your candidates first; they matter most.
So without further ado, Webrecruit share the arguments in favour of recruitment software from the journey of your candidates.

Improve communication

It is always great to know where you stand. 74% of candidates cited that it was very important to receive regular communication from the hiring company regarding updates on their application, in Webrecruit’s 2015 Candidate Survey.
Automatic email responses are a key part of an applicant tracking system.  You can expect to be able to build out multiple email templates to use at all stages of your hiring process.

Market with meaning

Do you have a plan in place for when a strong candidate registers an interest for your company but you don’t have a role for them at present? If you want to keep your candidates interested in working for your company, you need to keep engaging with them.
You can keep their interest by using the relevant tools within your applicant tracking system. You can send out job alert e-shots of new openings and even build out newsletters for you talent pool.

Simplify the search

Looking for a new job can be a tiresome experience. Candidates can spend hours searching across numerous platforms in a mission to find a new role.
The front-facing part of recruitment software is a careers site, which can be built to your requirements. You can present your jobs on your career site and group them into categories.
By categorising your jobs, busy job hunters can head straight to the roles that are most relevant to them. Also, you can share links to these categories helping to promote all roles to broader audiences, such us LinkedIn industry groups.


From Facebook to Twitter, there is great scope for using social platforms to engage with your candidates.
With recruitment software systems you can include social elements in numerous ways. You can add the function to click to share your roles and you can post out new roles automatically onto your social sites.
You can also add social elements onto your careers site to further drive engagement with your brand.
Request-a-demoEvery business is different, but when it comes to recruiting, the perspective candidates have of your company is important, regardless of your industry.
Recruitment software ensures HR professionals can gain stronger control over managing expectations and delivering a positive experience.
Fusion is an impressive recruitment software platform and we highly recommend seeing it in action. Our team will walk you through the key functionality mentioned in this blog and highlight how it can be used to best suit you and the needs of your organisation. Request a demo today.

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