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How can video make the candidate experience better?

Written by Guest Author | April 4, 2018 | 0 Comments
Recruitment softwareCreating the right impression of your company among candidates is vital, which is why the candidate experience has become such a big area of focus for employers in recent years.
A candidate who has a negative experience when applying for a job with your company probably won’t keep quiet about it. Indeed, they are likely to spread the word among people who you would wish to attract to your vacancies in the future.
If, though, you do get the candidate experience right, even those jobseekers that may have previously had a negative perception of your brand are likely to change their minds.
So, in an age in which technology is playing an ever-greater role in the recruitment process, why should your own firm take video seriously?

It can be crucial for streamlining your hiring process

In an ideal world, your hiring staff should spend as much time as possible assessing and building relationships with those candidates who stand a realistic chance of securing a role with your firm, and not so much with those who are unlikely to become your next recruit.
Time really is everything when it comes to recruiting, given that the more you delay, the greater the probability of losing that golden candidate to a competitor.
It’s therefore unsurprising that so many companies have opted to replace phone screening with video screening that enables the candidate to answer preset questions as part of a recorded video interview. You can then watch these interviews back in your own time, and pick out the candidates that you would like to invite to an in-person interview.
Video can also assist the marketing of your employer brand, not least by enabling you to incorporate your logo into a customised experience for the candidate.
You might also bear in mind that if you insist on doing everything in person with your candidates, you may not have the time to introduce them to your workplace and their potential colleagues in any great depth. With a recorded video, though, you can give candidates a genuinely great insight into your company’s work without taking up too much of the time and energy of your ever-busy current employees.

Video is just one of the ways of the future

Imagine combining the intelligent use of video with such other up-to-date solutions as our own recruitment software here at Webrecruit.
With just a few small steps, you could greatly future-proof your hiring process and maximise your chances of portraying your business positively and attracting the right people.
Request more information about our Fusion recruitment software package today, or even ask for a demo.

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