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How could the right ATS help to improve your candidate experience?

Written by Guest Author | November 28, 2017 | 0 Comments
Applicant tracking systemAsk any number of recruitment experts what the industry’s key trends are set to be in 2018, and one of the most frequently-mentioned will be a heightened emphasis on the best possible candidate experience.
More and more employers are realising that treating their candidates shabbily – such as by providing barely adequate job descriptions or failing to reply to their emails – doesn’t exactly aid them in their quest to find the best staff.
But did you know that your chosen recruitment software or applicant tracking system (ATS) can make a big difference here? Here are just some of the several ways it can do so.

Speeding up a sluggish recruitment process

If your firm doesn’t exactly launch big hiring campaigns that often, it can be easy for you to forget just how many drags there can be on the process.
Are you being slowed down in your efforts to narrow down and shortlist candidates by the need to sift through hundreds of CVs, pick through cumbersome talent-pool spreadsheets or deal with duplicate applications?
If so, the right applicant tracking system could add some much-needed slickness and professionalism to your firm’s hiring operations.

Enabling you to get swiftly back in touch with past candidates

Your hiring team may have ‘been there’ quite a few times – encountering a candidate who is simply amazing at what they do, except that… well, you don’t have a position open right now that quite fits their skills and experience.
That’s the kind of situation where you’ll want to tell them you’ll keep their details on file and contact them as soon as the right vacancy comes up at your firm. However, even with the best of intentions, it can be so easy for you to eventually lose that candidate’s CV or forget about them altogether.
Instead, why not have an ATS that enables you to effortlessly build talent pools, to which you can refer when that otherwise difficult-to-fill vacancy does arise?
As a bonus, being able to get back in touch with that impressive candidate so easily saves you from having to spend time and money on any new recruitment advertising campaign at all.

Giving candidates a quick and easy application process

Does your chosen ATS provide you with public-facing interfaces – including both a careers site and through popular social platforms such as LinkedIn – through which your prospective candidates can learn about and apply for your roles without the need to invest much effort?
Remember that if your candidate has to fight through page after page of lengthy and awkward forms, there’s a strong chance they will simply give up, meaning you never get to hear from them.
Is your own applicant tracking system genuinely 2018-ready? Request a brochure from our professionals here at Webrecruit today, and you’ll learn more about precisely what makes our Fusion package such a cost-effective, but also up-to-the-minute solution.

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