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How software can fulfil the role of traditional recruitment methods

Written by Guest Author | December 4, 2014 | 0 Comments
WRFusion-circleWho among us isn’t tech-obsessed these days? We all want to have the latest smartphones, tablets or games, even if none of them are strictly necessary.
Oddly enough, things haven’t always been the same way in HR, despite the increasingly very real need for recruitment software like – we humbly suggest – our own WR-Fusion platform here at Webrecruit.
“Very real need”, you say? Yep. Here are some of the recruitment methods of times past that nice, shiny recruitment software could do bigger and better.

1. Advertising vacancies

How are you currently telling the world you’ve actually got a role to fill? By posting on old-fashioned job boards, or maybe uploading to your careers site that no one seems to notice?
The right recruitment software can make all the difference here. WR-Fusion, for instance, incorporates your company’s own branding and values, giving you the complete branded corporate site and on-site job board.
We can even give your smartphone-wielding candidates a version of our software that is optimised for the best possible experience on their devices.

2. Sifting through CVs

There are few things more time-consuming in the recruitment game than sorting through all of those CVs, cover letters and applications. Some of them may be on paper, some of them may be in email form, and much of the rest may be in spreadsheets.
It’s a messy situation, and with businesses having enough information to manage in their day-to-day activities, HR departments are so often thankful these days for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to consolidate it all.

3. Finding future talent

The single-platform management of all of your applicants is made possible by our own ATS, but there’s so much more to the software than that.
Successful businesses never stop recruiting. Even if your dream candidate isn’t available right now, they may become so in the future… and even if you don’t presently need someone with ‘those’ skills or ‘that’ experience, that can quickly change.
It’s why the WR-Fusion platform has also been designed for the building of talent pools and the generation of detailed reports. It means that with our recruitment software, you can even make your future campaigns so much more efficient.

Enquire now about WR-Fusion

Naturally, these are just a few of the ways in which WR-Fusion can make a monumental difference to your firm’s recruitment fortunes. Request a brochure from Webrecruit now, and you’ll find out a lot more.

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