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How ‘sweating the small stuff’ can help your firm’s recruitment drive

Written by Guest Author | December 13, 2016 | 0 Comments
Applicant tracking systemWhenever you have considered shelling out for a pricey item such as a new smartphone, you have likely spent much time scrutinising the various options.
How big is the phone’s screen? How much storage does it have? How hi-res is the camera? It can pay dividends to be similarly picky over the details when seeking to recruit the right staff for your company.

Consider must-haves, nice-to-haves and more

Let’s look back at the smartphone example. For your new phone’s features, there will likely be some things that you would like to have, others that you are indifferent about, and others that could single-handedly sway you towards buying a particular device – or indeed, completely abandoning any consideration of it.
Knowing what is highest on your priority list will help you to sort through the broad choice available – and the same can apply when seeking new employees.
You need to think about not only what your company wants, but also what each candidate wants. You should take notice of their requirements and what drives them in their search for work.
Now, to learn all of this, you need to listen carefully. Like paying attention to the small print on a smartphone’s contract or product listing on a manufacturer’s website, carefully weighing up a candidate’s credentials can be crucial for ensuring the right fit.

Leave no stone unturned

It’s easy to underestimate how deeply you have to dig. You should ask difficult questions and thoroughly probe each candidate. You want to learn more than simply their paper qualifications and how suitable those qualifications are for the role. Try to resist asking asinine questions that you could imagine most inexperienced recruiters asking.
Exactly because knowing the little details can go a long way, we recommend also investing in sophisticated recruitment software.
By taking advantage of our applicant tracking system, Fusion, you can keep the most relevant data about your candidates in one place. More vitally, you can abandon the practice of manual inputting that can leave too much potential for error.
Amazingly, 88% of spreadsheets include errors. Fusion enables you to free up the time that you would otherwise spend correcting them. So, why not contact Webrecruit today to learn more about how we can assist your recruitment process with this software and our other wide-ranging services and expertise?

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