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How the right recruitment software can shorten your hiring cycle

Written by Guest Author | September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments
Hiring-process-BSIt seems obvious that you want to hire the right people, quickly. But how much are you doing to truly make that achievable? So many firms report taking four to eight weeks to recruit someone – maybe even longer.
Thankfully, there are many reasons why the right recruitment software can make all the difference to aligning your hiring ambitions with your actual hiring practices – just check out our own highly rated WR-Fusion package.

Why does it take so long to hire someone?

If you’re still dependent on passing around paper covering letters and CVs, is it any surprise that information can be misplaced or the whole hiring process delayed? This simply allows the competition to snap up your target candidates before you’ve even got to interview them.
Or maybe you aren’t getting applications from genuinely suitable candidates? You may be spending huge amounts of time manually posting adverts to job boards, and you might not know the best job boards for your particular industry and vacancy.
You’ll also need to get your target talent on-site for an interview with minimum delay, instead of the ‘phone tag’ between hiring managers and applicants that can often lengthen the process.

Get better results by utilising technology

Compare this to the situation if you invest in the right recruitment software, such as Webrecruit’s own WR-Fusion solution. We offer a simple but comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS), allowing you to manage all of your applicants from one place – without any of those printed CVs or cover letters getting in the way.
Nor do you have to worry about picking the right job board with our recruitment software, as it incorporates its very own that can be accessed from your careers site. Indeed, we bring you the complete branded corporate site that best allows you to communicate your employer values.
You can also spread awareness of your vacancies with our software’s optional social media modules, only paying for that extra functionality that you actually need. It further helps that we offer a fully mobile-optimised  version of WR-Fusion so that ‘on the go’ job hunters can not merely search for vacancies with you, but also save and apply for them.
All of these functions help to significantly streamline your hiring cycle and ensure that you get the right person’s feet under your office desk in double-quick time. Talk to Webrecruit now about what our recruitment software can do for you.

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