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How to Build a Business Case for Recruitment Software: Free Download

Written by Sophie Down | April 23, 2015 | 0 Comments
Picture1Once you’re confident that recruitment software can make the difference to your organisation, the next step is to secure buy-in. Whether this is from your team, or the managing director, it’s vital to explain the key benefits to using such software, such as an applicant tracking system.
But introducing software into the traditional HR environment isn’t always plain sailing. That’s why Webrecruit has created its latest guide, How to Build a Business Case for Recruitment Software.
Written to help you convince your organisation to see how valuable recruitment software can be, this free step-by-step guide covers each aspect of getting buy-in. From the main benefits of an applicant tracking system, to what market research should be carried out, this free download is the essential framework you need for a robust business case.
Recruitment software (such as an ATS), allows companies to bring recruitment in-house and automate their HR processes. With easy-to-use functionalities covering a wide range of aspects from reporting, to data and vacancy management, it’s clear why organisations are looking to secure buy-in.
How to Build a Business Case for Recruitment Software explains how an ATS can help you to achieve value, and includes a straight-forward business case template prompting you on what should be considered when investing.
Download How to Build a Business Case for Recruitment Software and find out everything you need to know to help introduce technology to your business.

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