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How to cultivate personal connections with your candidates

Written by Guest Author | February 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
Cultivate personal connections with your candidatesThere’s a lot of emphasis these days on the idea that customers don’t buy from faceless corporations; they buy from human beings.
Sure enough, it’s true that for a company looking to sell, creating that personal connection with the prospective customer is paramount – and it’s much the same situation when that thing you’re trying to sell is a job opportunity.
It’s understandable how even the most sophisticated online recruitment software can give rise to concerns that the personal, face-to-face aspect of hiring is being eroded. So, how can you be sure of creating those crucial personal connections with your candidates?

Branch out into video

We’re sure the written word will always have its part to play in recruitment communications, but video is becoming scarcely less important for those that want to attract the right people to their vacancy. After all, Cisco has forecast that video will account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021.
If there’s one reason why video is becoming so influential, it’s because it’s brilliant for creating a sense of the personal. This helps to explain why video job descriptions are becoming more of a thing. However, it’s also why you may opt to hold video interviews, which can be more time-efficient than in-person interviews while still enabling personal connections to be formed with candidates.

Build a powerful employer brand

You can’t hope to create a personal connection with a candidate if they aren’t attracted to your company in the first place, and that means you need to consider whether your employer brand is saying the right things.
Do you even know, for instance, what your brand’s values are? What makes your company ‘not just another’ business in its sector, and who is your target audience? Are you also doing everything possible to make your candidate experience a positive and distinctive one?
We’re in a world now in which employees aren’t merely competing for employers’ attentions; indeed, it may be your firm that has to work harder to turn the heads of the best candidates.
A well-developed company culture can serve as a great foundation for strong and long-lasting personal connections with candidates. By discussing your values with the candidate and asking them what they’re looking for in a company culture, you can quickly start to establish what your firm has in common with them.

Be responsive – and around!

An overly long time-to-hire can make it much harder to keep a personal connection going with the candidate. There’s a risk that they’ll become disengaged, which is something you need to combat at every stage of the hiring process.
That’s one reason why your firm should be prominent and available to respond to candidate queries via social media. Make use of dedicated recruitment accounts and hashtags to keep the engagement level up, and be sure to keep your candidates updated throughout the recruitment process.
As for how you can shorten the time it takes you to hire, well, we’ve got a great solution for that. It’s called Fusion, and it could be instrumental in boosting your brand’s recruitment efficiency, so that you can focus on cultivating those all-important personal connections with candidates.
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