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How to make the most of social media recruiting

Written by Guest Author | October 15, 2014 | 0 Comments
Social-media-sharing-BSThe attraction of hiring via social media is obvious. All that it takes is a few minutes setting up a company Facebook or Twitter account, and viola! You have your recruitment platform all ready and waiting to use, free of charge.
However, the whole point of social media is the conversations that take place on it – the networks themselves are just tools for having these conversations.
From choosing the right discussion topics to using recruitment software that embraces popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, here’s how you can get more out of your social media hiring.

Above all, join in the conversation

In real life, it’s so often conversations that result in new contacts and hires. Many of the same rules apply to social media, except that these conversations are searchable and often archived, meaning that any ill-advised comments could come back to bite you.
On the plus side, though, conversations being so easy to find on social media only makes it so much simpler for other people to join in. That means a greater number of people who could one day be your employees.
There are various ways to make your online conversations engaging. For the most part, act as if you are having an offline conversation, and use the same techniques. Ask a lot of questions and listen to people’s responses. Expand on what is talked about. Tell stories, share insights and don’t merely talk about yourself.

What should you talk about?

There’s no doubt about it: the most difficult part of an online conversation is starting it. Thankfully, there are loads of things that you can discuss on social media.
You could provide ‘insider info’ relating to your company, for example, making clear why your organisation is a great place to work. What makes your firm different? What training and career progression opportunities are there? What do your workers actually do, and is your workplace a fun place to be?
But you could also discuss what your company is doing in the local community, such as any work with local charities. What about publishing ‘how to’ guides or infographics? Perhaps you could even reveal a day in the life of one of your workers, which helps to give potential candidates a sense of what it’s genuinely like to work for you?
Oh, and don’t forget to post those job opportunities.

Make it part of your recruitment software!

Did you know that the right recruitment software can make it even easier to place social media hiring front and central within your organisation? Our own WR-Fusion here at Webrecruit can be tailored with additional modules for the various social networks that you use.
It really is great bespoke recruitment software – and it’s only available from Webrecruit.

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