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How to make your careers site fit for purpose in 2014

Written by Guest Author | September 3, 2014 | 0 Comments
ATS - BSIf you think your careers site is already suitable just because you post your latest job openings there along with an email address for candidates to send their CV to, think again. These days, applicants expect a lot more from a careers site – they want to know that your company culture extends to making life easier for them, too.
The top careers sites out there give the candidate a full picture of what it’s truly like to work for that company. But if that sounds a bit overwhelming, take heed of the following tips.

Make your careers site accessible

With many jobseekers already having a good idea where they want to be geographically and the companies that they might like to work for, they are likely to head straight to the source.
That means navigating directly to the company homepage. Don’t force these valuable candidates to click, click and click again in search of your careers page. Try to make sure they don’t have to click more than twice to reach the information they need.
At the forefront of careers site accessibility these days is mobile optimisation. It’s why there’s a fully mobile-optimised version of Webrecruit’s own recruitment software, WR-Fusion, so that candidates can quickly and easily interact with our clients’ careers sites.

Include your most recent openings

Common sense advice, right? You’d have thought so, but too many companies still leave old and stale vacancy listings on their careers sites, if vacancies are posted here at all. Simply leaving a contact email address here is hardly any less sloppy.
Effective sites have their job listings updated once a week at the very least. If you have an especially large volume of vacancies, these should also be organised and searchable.

Ensure the utmost ease of navigation

Again, the very least that you need is a well-organised site. You don’t want your prospective candidates to give up in frustration before they find your vacancy.
Make it easier and quicker for them to reach what they need by categorising information and vacancies into sections like Internships, Entry-Level and Experienced Professionals, for example.
There’s so much more that you can do to make your careers site truly fit for purpose in 2014. Contact Webrecruit to find out how our recruitment software can help to make you a bigger draw for the right kind of candidates.

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