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How to manage your workforce’s different age groups

Written by Guest Author | July 27, 2015 | 0 Comments
candidates-on-a-screen-1Age isn’t supposed to be a factor in your use of recruitment software to hire new workers – indeed, if it is for you, you’re on the wrong side of equality law. Nonetheless, it might be tempting for your company to imagine that everything would be so much easier if everyone in your firm was of a similar age.
Sure, that might solve a few intergenerational squabbles, but conflicts would still arise in your workforce over other things.
Plus, there’s also the small consideration that the best businesses are so often those that combine a range of ages, given the different perspectives, skills and experiences that each generation can bring.
It’s just a case of recruiting the right people and managing them all effectively.

What marks out each generation?

As much as we would hate to drift into stereotypes, it’s true that each generation nonetheless tends to have different strengths and weaknesses.
‘Baby Boomers’, for instance, have a lot of experience, wisdom and credibility to call upon. They’ve been there and done it and potentially have many great lessons to share with their younger colleagues. However, you should also be careful to ward off Boomers from judging or shaming younger generations for their lack of experience.
Those born between the early 1960s and early 1980s tend to be described as ‘Generation X’, and can be great bridge builders between your younger and older workers, helping one to understand and work with the other.
Then, there are the Millennials. Born from around the early 1980s up to the early 2000s, these staffers routinely bring bags of enthusiasm, creativity and technical proficiency to the workforce. However, they may also need some help from older mentors to learn and grow.

Blending the generations into one

In an ideal world, your organisation’s staff would comprise members of all of the above groups in one harmonious whole, possibly with some ‘Traditionalists’ – those born before 1945, who are becoming increasingly scarce in today’s labour market – thrown in for good measure.
It might seem a difficult job to blend them all together, but it’s not an impossible one – and your company is likely to be rewarded with considerable corporate success.
Whatever you do, don’t impose a ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan – different generations have different workplace motivations and turnoffs. If you are to build an effective team, you will need a suitably tailored plan for its various age groups.
Remember, too, that there are certain things that employees across the generational divides have in common, such as a wish to feel respected and included in your organisation’s progress.
Above all else, emphasise team work. Remind your staff that your workplace has a place for everyone, and that everyone has something useful to contribute – just as long as you all take responsibility to pull together towards a shared goal.
Your firm’s hiring policy need not be compromised by age concerns! Contact Webrecruit today about how you can use our acclaimed Fusion recruitment software to hire great candidates across the generations.

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