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How to recover from recruitment mistakes

Written by Guest Author | December 21, 2016 | 0 Comments
Avoid making hiring mistakes“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope is often quoted as saying this, which touches upon how unfortunate it is that, while we can often make mistakes, we can also struggle to move on from them.
Here is how your firm can effectively bounce back from a recruitment blunder.

The value of trial and error

Recruitment errors are especially unfortunate in comparison to life mistakes in general, given that the wrong choice of candidate can cost your company many thousands of pounds in harmed productivity, lost potential and the costs of finding, selecting and training up a replacement employee.
However, trial and error is also in many ways a necessary process in hiring, much as it is in other aspects of running a business, helping you to identify the exact skills, backgrounds and cultural fit that you will need in your candidates going forward.

A good example of a recruitment blunder

Let’s assume that you have been manually filling in spreadsheets to manage your recruitment efforts. You may notice that one of these spreadsheets contains an error that led you to miss out on recruiting an ideal candidate.
This is a risk of sticking to the dated practice of using spreadsheets when building up records of potential candidates, as 88% of spreadsheets are blighted by errors.

How can you minimise future hiring errors?

The above kind of mistake may seem very avoidable on reflection – after all, you surely wouldn’t have made that mistake if you had paid more attention to the spreadsheet when you initially entered details into it.
However, it is also symptomatic of a wider failure on the part of HR managers to embrace the latest methods and technologies – a good example of the latter being our acclaimed Fusion recruitment software here at Webrecruit.
While no recruitment software can ever be a catch-all solution for minimising or avoiding recruitment mistakes, the right software package can nonetheless be instrumental in helping to prevent the more easily avoidable errors, while streamlining the hiring process as a whole.
The use of software for building talent pools, for instance, can further cut down on hiring errors by giving you a ready source of high-quality candidates that you have already deemed potentially suitable for a position with your firm.
Why not enquire now to Webrecruit about how our Fusion suite can take much of the stress, hassle and potential errors out of the process of attracting, managing and recruiting candidates?

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