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How to recruit successful HR staff

Written by Guest Author | September 19, 2017 | 0 Comments
Recruit successful HR staffAll too many organisations don’t have HR departments that exactly enjoy the complete approval of leaders and staff. Indeed, you may be familiar with grumbles from your senior executives about your HR department lacking business or strategic understanding, while lower down your company, there may be widespread sentiments among employees that HR is not their “friend”.
So, how can you maximise your chances of hiring the right HR personnel to help to right these wrongs?

Conduct reality-based candidate screening

While suitable in-house recruitment software should certainly make a big positive difference to your ability to hire the most capable HR personnel, you will also need to quiz candidates on the nature of their business experience.
Many complaints about HR departments are due to a perception that the department is overly concerned with maintaining control through strict compliance with policies and procedures, instead of having the flexibility to make practical exceptions where they could actually help people.
So, when you have a promising HR candidate before you, probe them for anecdotes about their prior professional experiences. As they speak, it should become clear whether they are as fond of people as they are of policies and procedures.
If the candidate has worked in HR before, it’s well worth asking them to give examples of people – both senior leaders and managers – who trusted them. If you can obtain references from those people, that’s even better.

What about when such candidates are actually on the team?

Even once you have taken on a promising HR staffer, your work is far from over. That’s because you’ll then need to help to mould them to your company by outlining and reiterating to them the mission, vision and values of your organisation, followed by more detailed developmental work.
Keep an eye on how your new HR recruit does during the onboarding process. Do they not only have a grasp of your firm’s policies and practices, but are also able to craft exceptions to your typical policy when appropriate?
What about how well your new HR professional relates to your employees? It’s not just a case of employing someone who can show emotional sympathy for workers in difficult situations, such as if they have been abused at work or are dealing with problems at home. That’s because your HR department also needs to be one that can get things done, finding thoughtful accommodations for employees that will help them to be successful.

Take on the right HR personnel with Webrecruit

Remember that people do generally go into HR because they want to help people, but that they must also be conversant with the struggles and strains of your business, and have the capabilities to serve your staff’s specific needs.
Follow the above steps and use a renowned in-house recruitment software package like Webrecruit’s Fusion solution, and you will be well-placed to help ensure that your HR department truly aids your wider company’s success.

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