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How your SME can keep hold of its staff

Written by Guest Author | April 13, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_188299100Employee turnover is the bane of so many small companies’ lives. After all of that time and money invested into finding the perfect new recruit, you certainly don’t want to see them walking away after a few months – whether due to blatant unsuitability or being lured by another company.
High turnover disrupts continuity within the SMEs that so desperately need it, straining the workers who have been left behind and harming productivity. Losing a staff member after only a short period of time also does little for your firm’s bottom line.

Employee retention begins with recruitment

You might think that keeping hold of your employees is largely a case of treating them well, but the process starts much earlier than that, with the initial candidate search. Many organisations are less than scientific with the ways they hire staff in the first place. This is where the right recruitment software can make a big difference.
Recruitment software like our own solution here at Webrecruit, Fusion, formalises the hiring process. It introduces so many measures that you might have presumed beyond the capacity of your humble SME. With the right recruitment software, you’re no longer floundering with paper and digital applications, but instead efficiently managing and assessing candidate information on one platform.
All of that will much increase the chances of your new recruit being the right one in the first place – one that will fit in with your company culture and objectives. But what can you do once they are on board?

Staff retention is an ongoing process

Ensuring that your SME’s employees stick around is certainly not about one-off acts, every now and then. It’s about much more fundamental things, like having a clearly defined purpose for both your organisation and its individual employees, as well as entrenching strong communication and relationships from the beginning.
Nor do SMEs that are good at keeping their staff consider performance management to be a once-a-year thing. Instead, they are constantly measuring and monitoring the performance of their employees against how the organisation as a whole is faring. This helps to keep employees’ behaviour aligned with company’s goals.
The most successful SMEs are also proactive, paying close attention to the needs of their staff and the wider business, and responding accordingly.
Employee retention may seem an uphill struggle for many SMEs, but it doesn’t have to be that way when you adopt the best practices – including using the most up-to-date recruitment software.

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