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Make sure your company attracts more graduates in 2017

Written by Guest Author | February 7, 2017 | 1 Comment
Graduate recruitmentIt’s tricky enough for most businesses to lure the right people in the first place, without the state of the job market making their job harder – but that’s precisely what’s happening in 2017.
If you think back to the years immediately following the late 2000s financial crash, you may recall that companies were generally struggling and therefore weren’t terribly interested in recruiting heavily. The emphasis was on survival, not growth, as even the best new graduates often struggled to find roles.
Matters are very different now. According to one study, more than half of companies were unable to fill all of their graduate vacancies last year, with many job seekers happy to reject offers for work in light of the level of competition for their talent.
Clearly, we are back in a graduate’s market rather than an employer’s one – so what can your firm do to ‘turn the tables’ somewhat this year?

Appeal to what graduate job seekers actually want

Naturally, graduates don’t all think the same way on the subject of what they want from a job. However, they appear to be increasingly clued up on what they do want, and there are certain trends that can be discerned.
There is research suggesting that 59% of graduates, for example, would swap a higher salary at work for a positive social atmosphere, while 84% expect to receive some kind of formal training when they secure their first role. 65%, meanwhile, want their employer to provide on-the-job training.
With thousands of job opportunities out there for graduates, it’s crucial for your own organisation to stand out – but also in a way that genuinely reflects your company’s culture and values. Today’s graduate job seekers are savvier than ever and therefore harder to hoodwink through the use of snazzy marketing alone.

Technology also plays a central role

With three-quarters of all graduates claiming to use a mobile app in their hunt for jobs and 76% signalling that they believe digital advancements will have a positive effect on their work experience, it’s clear that technology has never been more important when it comes to firms attracting – and retaining – university leavers.
We know that well here at Webrecruit – after all, we happen to offer some of the leading recruitment software for companies that wish to target the right people for their open positions.
Our Fusion suite comes with all of the features and functionality that you need to bring your firm’s hiring processes bang up to date, so why not enquire today about how it could help to get more graduates under your roof in 2017?

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