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Will 2012 be the Year of Mobile App Development?

Written by Kimberley Startup | March 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

Mobile app development webrecruitWill 2012 be the year of mobile application development?

Last year mobile apps were huge! Apple alone sported 571,745 apps on iTunes, with Google and Nokia coming in second and third place with 300k and 50k respectively and that was only halfway through the year. In the week between Christmas and New Year, 81 million apps were downloaded in the UK.

2012 will keep seeing this trend increase; this means specialist mobile app developers will be needed. A worldwide Google search for “mobile app developer jobs” returns 975,000,000 results, beating “application developer jobs” by a whopping 900,000,000 results.

The particular skill needed is HTML5, according to a report released on 30 September 2011, 34 of the world’s top 100 websites were built using HTML5 . This is lead by search engines and social media sites – which tend to be the trend setters when it comes to new developments as they are essentially the ‘pop culture’ of the internet.

So what does this mean for the average IT development student attending University?

Well to put it simply, if you want to increase your chances of landing a good job when you leave, start developing apps now. There are already degrees in the US that focus almost entirely on mobile app development and the UK is not far behind, with at least one higher education institution starting to zero in upon the skills needed.

If you are interested in getting in on the app act, you should apply for an internship at a development house – the experience will be invaluable and will definitely give you the competitive edge. There are dedicated websites just for internships, you can apply on these  or go straight to the companies themselves.

You can also focus your studies upon mobile apps, perhaps writing your dissertation on them or even inventing your own. Either one of these would look fantastic on a CV.

Despite the economic conditions, large employers such as Google and Apple are still actively searching for top talent, with HTML5 skills being the ones to look for this year.

This exciting and emerging sector has some really bright prospects for the future.  For the next generation of developers, mobile apps are going to be their bread and butter.

Are you an IT developer interested in mobile application development? Or are you currently working as one? Why not share your tips to entering this market?

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