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Could Retargeting Technology Help to Fill Your Vacancy?

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 1, 2013 | 0 Comments
Online RecruitmentMore and more these days, companies wishing to recruit staff are realising that they need to think more like marketers, rather than the passive purveyors of life-changing opportunities that they might have seen themselves as being in the past. With its own market-leading technology in the form of an ATS for the management of applications, webrecruit ( recognises that certain other technologies are constantly coming on stream for the potential benefit of recruiters.
One such technology is retargeting, which you may already be familiar with from the world of online retail. Basically, retargeting is the term for the serving of display ads on the basis of prior engagement. There are various types of this technology, but site-based retargeting is the most often recognised one right now, with others including email retargeting, CRM retargeting and search retargeting. Site-based retargeting involves display ads being displayed to people after they have visited the website of the company responsible for them.
As aforementioned, site-based retargeting is hardly restricted to online recruitment. You may recall times when you have visited a particular online store, leaving without purchasing anything, only to continually encounter the adverts of that online store in other areas around the web, for a while afterwards. That is unlikely to be a coincidence, and it is as a result of such an experience that you can probably begin to appreciate the potential value of site-based retargeting as a means of better recruiting staff.
In the case of staff recruitment, one may have these display ads served on such sites as online career advice portals, university students’ union websites and newspaper websites…the possibilities really do seem to be endless. Of course, it is while otherwise passive candidates are browsing such sites that they will inevitably be considering their career options, and the sight of your company’s name, colours and branding once more may just inspire them into sending you a speculative application.
The increasing trend for recruiters to use retargeting corresponds with the broader tendency to make the staff recruitment process more social. After all, for those display ads to be served at all, you’ll need to tempt prospective candidates into visiting your site, which tends to happen much more often with greater social media engagement.
Even if you don’t initially use site-based retargeting for your recruitment campaign, its ever-greater prominence makes it well worth getting to know as part of the wider context of sourcing both passive and active candidates. Here at webrecruit (, we’ll keep you updated on the latest recruitment advertising possibilities.

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