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Seamless Vacancy Requisition Processes: Recruitment Software Surgery Series

Written by Kimberley Startup | March 4, 2015 | 0 Comments
Managing-peopleOver-complicated and paper based requisition processes are a constant struggle for busy hiring managers who need to hire in a hurry. Having to have your role approved by numerous contacts throughout your organisation can be a difficult path of communication to manage.
Naturally, many HR professionals look for an alternative to having to control this process manually. And, thankfully, recruitment software has the solution.
Vacancy requisition functionality within recruitment software is proven to vastly decrease your time-to-hire.
How does it work?
At build stage, the details of each role approver within your business will be input to your recruitment software platform. Once constructed, the process is simple.
Below, we share the 3 step process to seamlessly manage your vacancy requisition process with recruitment software;

Step 1

The individual hiring managers can log-in to the software and create their new vacancy with the required requisition information as outlined by your organisation.

Step 2

Once your vacancy has been submitted for approval within your recruitment software platform, an automated email is sent to the job role approvers within your organisation.

Step 3

Each role approver can then log-in to the platform and review the vacancy information and hit accept or reject. Additional comments can also be added at this stage.


This seamless process enables you to say goodbye to paper-heavy methods that can be difficult to track and manage.
Additionally, not only is the process fast and effective, it also provides you with the ability to monitor your vacancy requisition process at all stages.
You can report on key metrics around your vacancy requisition process such as:
– Your average time-to-hire
– Number of requisitions processed within a set period
– Number of vacancy requisitions rejected and/or approved
This reporting functionality can help to identify bottlenecks in your process aiding you to address them and consequently improve your recruitment process tenfold.
This automated process can also be applied to your organisation’s offer approval process.
Fusion from Webrecruit is a comprehensive recruitment software solution that includes vacancy requisition functionality that will transform how you manage this process. To find out more request a brochure today.

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