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Streamline your online application forms to hire better employees, quicker

Written by Guest Author | September 22, 2015 | 0 Comments
Audit your recruitment application formDoes your Exeter company require candidates to, instead of submitting their CVs and cover letters, complete an application manually via your company website or a pre-prepared form?
There’s nothing wrong with either of these approaches – except that they can also result in an overly long application process that puts off many of the most talented candidates.
After all, we’ve all had that experience of trying to complete an already awkwardly long online form for something, only to be presented with new page after new page, eventually leading us to give up.
Your own firm, then, simply must streamline its staff recruitment in Exeter – but how and where do you ‘trim the fat’?

What your Exeter company must do

First of all, your application process must eliminate repetition in as many areas as possible. Don’t ask candidates to upload their CV, only to request that they manually enter a lot of the information that is already on their CV on the following page.
You might also consider introducing automation in many parts of the form. Do you currently stipulate certain skills and experiences that candidates need in the job description and person specification, but then have to manually sift through their application form in search of these traits?
Instead, consider giving them options to select on the form, or barring them from progressing any further with their application if they do not possess a certain essential characteristic. This certainly filters out the unsuitable applicants while quickening the process for those who are suitable.

If you can’t shorten it, make it engaging

Think back to the last time when you were so engrossed with something, you spent so much more time on it than you even realised. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could make your firm’s job application process like that?
It’s far from impossible. A previous study has suggested that 30% of applicants run out of patience a mere 15 minutes into their completion of an online form. It means that don’t have that much time to get all of the information that you need from them, while still keeping them engaged.
The answer here is to mix things up in your form with different types of exercises and information requests. You should also eliminate all questions that aren’t strictly necessary for assessing their suitability for your vacancy.

A streamlined application process is all-important

Remember that your candidates value their time just as much as you value yours, and that your application process reflects on your wider organisation.
You should therefore take seriously the task of streamlining it, so that you attract the highest possible numbers of the very best candidates when you next embark on staff recruitment in Exeter.

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