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Striking the right balance between tradition and innovation when recruiting

Written by Guest Author | October 17, 2017 | 0 Comments
Recruitment technologyIt’s one thing to be dazzled by the latest recruitment technology such as the Fusion package that you can take advantage of from Webrecruit, but quite another thing to know exactly how it can be applied to your own hiring needs.
One useful way to think about it is by considering the all-important balancing act between tradition and innovation – after all, both are essential when it comes to recruitment.

What experience and expertise can you draw upon?

When you are looking to hire new talent, you must consider what has been consistently shown over the years to work, as well as what new ideas and technologies will drive your hiring approach forward, and how these ‘new’ and ‘old’ elements will interface with each other.
One of the greatest traditions in recruiting, for example, is the drawing upon of existing sources of expertise when attempting to discern the most suitable candidates for a given vacancy.
There will be people within your existing business or team who will be well-placed to guide you as to what you do and don’t need from a candidate for this position. In addition, there will be those from outside your company, such as fellow entrepreneurs and investors, who will be able to serve as seasoned mentors, advising you on how you can recruit to power your firm’s growth.

It’s also vital to continue growing your talent network

Connected to the importance of building up the right support system for your hiring is that of growing a wider network of actual candidates who may be able to quickly enter your company to fill otherwise tricky-to-address vacancies.
You may have already assembled such ‘talent pools’ by fairly traditional means, such as by retaining the details of other companies’ professionals with whom you have worked before. However, the most suitable recruitment technology package like Fusion can enable you to not only build talent pools, but also manage them so much more straightforwardly and efficiently.
There’s plenty else about Fusion that can assist your HR team in bringing its recruitment process into the 21st century without neglecting crucial traditions like those cited above. Its analytics capabilities, for example – extending to the building of customisable reports – allow you to reflect on the past results of your hiring efforts with far greater ease and insight than may have been possible previously.
Don’t try to choose between tradition and innovation when you would like to get more out of your hiring campaigns. Instead, request a brochure or demo in relation to Webrecruit’s leading-edge applicant tracking system, which is nonetheless grounded in the time-honoured principles of what really works.

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