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The Anatomy of a Careers Site

Written by Holly Watson | January 20, 2015 | 0 Comments
As the front end of an ATS, a careers site is a fully manageable integrated system that allows companies to take control of their direct sourcing whilst advertising and monitoring their vacancies with ease. (To find out more about careers sites, download Webrecruit’s Beginner’s Guide to Careers Sites)
But what are they key features of a careers site? Webrecruit takes a look at the functionality of an ATS and explores the benefits that it can deliver to your business:
The Anatomy of a Careers Site - JUST TOP PIC

1. List of Current Vacancies

Having all of your vacancies stored in one system is great for two reasons. Firstly, it’s helpful for candidates to browse through all of your available opportunities without having to visit any other pages. It also allows you to have your vacancies stored in one place, allowing you to track applicant numbers and produce reports with ease (no more stressing over spreadsheets).

2. Job Alerts Tab

A job alerts tab allows candidates to sign up to receive an email notification when you advertise a new vacancy. This means that when it’s time for your business to recruit, you already have an audience who want to work for your company, potentially reducing your time to hire.

3. Register Your CV Button

Allowing candidates to register their CV with you speculatively means that you already have a talent pool of candidates ready to search through when the time comes to recruit for a new vacancy.

4. ‘Work For Us’ Tab

Employer branding is, arguably, more important than ever and what better place to showcase your brand than on your careers site? Here’s where you can talk about your culture, all the benefits that your company offer and how happy your employees are. Sell yourself!

5. Application Form

An easy-to-use and clear application form makes for a much smoother candidate experience and application process. Plus, an easy application process means that more candidates will end up applying for your roles rather than getting frustrated/having to send separate emails.

6. Forward Button

Every seen a job and thought ‘my friend would be perfect for this’? Referrals make up a huge 40% of all hires, according to research conducted by Jobvite. A ‘forward’ button allows users to email the details of vacancies to friends.

7. Search Function

A search bar is essential, especially if you have a large number of vacancies being advertised at any one time. This will allow users to filter their results by keyword or job sector, so they won’t be trawling through non-relevant IT listings when they’re after a marketing role.

8. Mobile Friendly Version of Your Careers Site

Having a mobile optimised careers site is essential. More candidates than ever are looking for jobs on the go and a mobile-friendly application process means that they’re able to apply instantly, rather than having to log on to a computer.
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