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What marks out the best small business recruitment software?

Written by Guest Author | August 18, 2014 | 0 Comments
Technology - ATSThere are quite a few ways your small business can get a leg up in the recruitment game. You could scout for hires via social media, tap into online talent communities or brand your careers page. But have you considered how much more efficiently you could hire with dedicated recruitment software?

Don’t underestimate the power of branding

Here at Webrecruit, we’d like to think that our own WR-Fusion is the perfect model recruitment software. We aren’t just saying that – we can point you towards its easy to use applicant tracking system (ATS), for instance, with a branded corporate site and on-site job board also included in the package.
Indeed, branding is a massive benefit of the best recruitment software, helping to heighten your company’s profile, thereby driving traffic and the best – as well as the right kind of – candidates to your site.

Embracing the mobile world

The best software of this type also acknowledges the huge numbers of candidates who use their mobile devices to seek job opportunities – now 9 in every 10. All too many companies have careers sites that soon have candidates tapping their mobile browser ‘back’ buttons.
In contrast, the right recruitment software will allow you to attract these candidates by being mobile optimised, enabling them to search, save and apply for your vacancies. These candidates will benefit from a convenient browsing experience.

Maximum flexibility, too

The best software for recruitment purposes will also have all of the everyday flexibility that your business requires. WR-Fusion, for example, has modules that can be added when you require them. It means that the software can cover only the social networks that you actually use for recruitment purposes, while users can also be added.

Last but not least… a good ATS

An ATS can really drive your recruitment forward, particularly when you are a small business. Instead of spending all of that time sifting through paper documents, spreadsheets, printed CVs and whatever applications may come in online, it’s great to have that one-stop focal point for the processing of applications.
Again, WR-Fusion excels here, not only allowing you to manage all of your candidates from one place, but also being handy for the building of talent pools and the generation of detailed reports – as are both so vital to your future recruitment efforts.
Contact Webrecruit today about software that will truly bolster your small business hiring.

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