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What software experiences do Millennial employees expect from your firm?

Written by Guest Author | February 22, 2016 | 0 Comments
recruitment technologyGiven how supremely comfortable so many Millennials are with all manner of software, having very much grown up with the likes of video games, smartphones and tablets, it’s not just your recruitment technology that your firm may need to upgrade in 2016.
What do we mean by that? Well, as your organisation’s remaining Baby Boomers retire in the coming years, it will increasingly come to be dominated by Millennials.
Furthermore, these younger workers will expect the business technology that you equip them with to boast the same simplicity, speed and efficiency as the social and mobile technologies that they are already used to and engage with every day.

Making your business technology ‘Millennial ready’

When you are investing in new software for your firm, you will therefore need to ensure that it really does suit both your current and future workforce, so that it can evolve around the changing demands of the business.
Certainly, your Millennial workers will expect your business applications to be quick to use, given how accustomed they are outside their work life to accessing whatever information they need, as soon as they request it.
In real terms, this tends to mean your business choosing solutions that can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet, at any time and from anywhere with an Internet connection. These ‘cloud’ solutions help to make your business more robust, not least through the encouragement of greater efficiency and productivity in your workforce.
But simplicity is also a key characteristic that you should seek in your business technology for use by Millennial workers, not least given how this goes hand-in-hand with both efficiency and speed. Are your software users forced, for example, to re-key information between separate systems, thereby slowing down vital business processes and chipping away at staff morale?
Instead, look for the truly joined-up solutions that incorporate intuitive dashboards and easy-to-understand interfaces for quicker task accomplishment and decision-making by your Millennial employees.

Look into our acclaimed recruitment software!

Of course, it is possible that you also have a few Millennials in your hiring team, or are one yourself – in which case, our highly rated Fusion recruitment technology may be of interest.
How effective is your current recruitment software at enabling you to manage the vast amount of information that you gain about candidates over time? Or are you still reduced to manual inputting and the minefield of potential mistakes and missed opportunities that is dependence on spreadsheets? Can you quickly and easily build customisable reports and talent pools?
Whatever the situation, here at Webrecruit, we can help you to make your organisation truly ‘Millennial ready’ with a recruitment software solution that will significantly aid your firm’s hiring efforts, both now and for a long time into the future.

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