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Why video is so great for hooking in candidates

Written by Guest Author | March 13, 2015 | 0 Comments
LicienceSo, you’ve invested in the recruitment software that has it all as you’re concerned. It gives you a branded corporate site, a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and modules that allow you to tap into the swelling numbers of people using social media to look for work.
But there’s something else that you can use to supercharge your recruitment campaign: video.
It’s only really over the past decade that employers have gradually warmed to the idea of hiring people with the help of video. After all, there’s hardly a candidate around these days who lacks an Internet connection and a smartphone, and who is therefore unable to record their own videos to grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.

Why video recruiting is increasingly making so much sense

You could argue that the sheer widespread prevalence of video has been enough to significantly boost its relevance and usefulness to recruiters. After all, a recent Pew Internet Research report indicated that video was watched by some 78 per cent of online adults.
Meanwhile, the 2014 Candidate Experience Awards Report – which includes responses from almost 150 companies and more than 95,000 candidates – has suggested that over 65 per cent of talent acquisition teams use video interviewing. Even many of those that don’t do so are giving video serious thought for 2015.
Video recruiting certainly makes sense to both sides of the employer and candidate divide. The former group is able to better assess candidates who they might have otherwise dismissed due to location. Candidates, meanwhile, aren’t forced to miss several days at their current job to attend an interview in person, instead conveniently answering employer questions in video form via their laptop.

How video can be used for your hiring process

Another great boon of video – certainly for the employer that has already invested in recruitment software – is its versatility. As a hiring manager, you may decide to combine video interviewing with questionnaires, assessments and/or scenario-based exercises, in order to better determine a candidate’s overall skills and fit.
From recorded video questionnaires to video-enabled recruiting and onboarding, there are so many applications that video can have at the talent acquisition stage. In a hiring landscape that is now more competitive than ever, it has undoubted use in attracting the right candidates, at the same time as shortening time-to-hire.
The next time you launch a hiring campaign with fully-featured recruitment software like Webrecruit’s own WR-Fusion, why not consider how it can be combined with video for brilliant results?

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