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Why you must embrace the new reality of recruitment

Written by Guest Author | May 22, 2015 | 0 Comments
SearchingAre you putting off investment in that brand spanking new recruitment software? Perhaps you think you can carry on pretty much as you’ve always done? Many employers think this even when they’re struggling along trying to build a talent pool in Excel, or constantly losing paper cover letters and CVs.
But you can’t ignore the new reality of recruitment – for more than a few reasons.

The traditional CV is dying

The downsides of the paper CV aren’t restricted to the risk of spilling coffee on it or losing it in a tall pile of other documents. The truth is, there just isn’t enough context in the traditional CV. The candidate may have a hugely complimentary professional reference, for example, but what is that person’s own reputation and relevance?
That’s when you’ll find yourself hunting out a few LinkedIn pages, and indeed, the best-performing firms have never been more social in their recruitment practices than they are now.
Social profiles give you more relevant information, allowing you to make a hiring decision that is as informed as it is fast. Even firms that still have some tolerance for the traditional CV will at least review a promising candidate’s LinkedIn profile.

Hiring is becoming more community-oriented

If the increasing prominence of social media in the recruitment process should teach you one thing, it’s that communities are becoming more and more important even to hiring.
No matter how much you may think technology in our day-to-day lives is replacing face-to-face contact, community will only be all the more vital in future in a recruitment landscape that is becoming defined by social media and talent pools.
New tools are constantly being developed that enable recruiters and would-be employees to not only find each other, but also learn more about each other, quicker. For you, this also makes it easier to build up a strong pipeline of talented candidates that you can reach into when you next have a vacancy to fill.

Invest today in the right recruitment software

In a brave new world that is not relenting in its technological focus, it has never been more important for your HR department to use the right recruitment software.
With our own highly-rated Fusion package here at Webrecruit, you can better attract, manage and retain talent, thank to software that puts your busy hiring team firmly in control. Contact us now to find out more about how it could boost your own firm’s recruitment success.

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