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Why You Should Be Embracing Automation

Written by Holly Watson | February 10, 2016 | 0 Comments
recruitment softwareOne of the many benefits that recruitment software can deliver to your business is the ability to automate many of the frustrating administration tasks often associated with recruitment.
However, a great deal of HR teams aren’t getting the most out of this functionality.
In fact, 54% of firms are shunning technology in favour of manual processes, according to HR Magazine.
So, why are companies so reluctant to use these handy features?
Perhaps some HR staff are unsure of how to use the tools that their recruitment software offers or maybe others are reluctant to change processes that have become habits. Whatever the reason, automation isn’t something that’s to be feared; it’s something to be utilised.
But why exactly should you be embracing automation?
Whilst automation has one large, overarching advantage – it saves you time – we take a look at some of the more specific benefits that automating manual tasks can bring to your recruitment process.

Automation can…

…help to improve the candidate experienceapplicant tracking system

When your vacancy receives a particularly large response, sending dozens of emails to candidates telling them they’ve been unsuccessful can be time consuming. But, if you don’t send them, the candidate experience will suffer.
So, what can you do?
Many varieties of recruitment software, such as Webrecruit’s Fusion, allow you to create automated emails that can be sent to candidates with the click of a button.
For example, if you review an application and you know that the candidate isn’t right for the role, simply mark them as ‘Rejected’ and a personalised email will be sent to the applicant.
This allows you to keep candidates updated at each stage of the recruitment process, whilst not taking up too much of your valuable time.


recruitment software…make your day-to-day role a lot easier

Rather than having to go through folders of applications in your inbox or trawling through spreadsheets, recruitment software allows you to see exactly which stage of the application process each candidate is at, at a glance.
Candidates are automatically sorted into labelled pots, enabling you to quickly view which applicants have been unsuccessful, which are shortlisted and which you have interviewed.
Having this information collated within one system will save you the headache of having to flick through emails and spreadsheets to find what you need.


…help you keep on top of your interviewsapplicant tracking system, ATS

Many types of recruitment software contain an interview scheduling tool, which can help you keep track of any upcoming interviews, as well as act as a reminder for interviews requiring an outcome.
Automated interview invitations can be produced with the click of a few buttons – all you need to do is name a time and date, attach a job specification and provide some basic information about the type of interview candidates will be attending.
With Webrecruit Fusion’s interview scheduler, there’s even an integrated Google Maps function so that candidates are able to visualise where their interviews will be taking place.


recruitment software…assist with your candidate attraction efforts

Automated features don’t just help with your candidate management – they can also assist with attracting candidates in the first place.
Many types of recruitment software automate the sharing process for your vacancies. For example, our Fusion software allows you to share your vacancies with your followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Long gone are the days of having to ask your Marketing Team to share your vacancies on your social media pages, you can now do this yourself.


Interested in learning more about the benefits that recruitment software can deliver to your business? Request a brochure to find out more about Webrecruit’s Fusion technology.

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